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All-Star Game or Broadway Show?

Image: Draft Kings Nation

All-star Game: Skills or Theatrics Competition?

The NHL all-star game and skills competition is an event held for the top players to display their skills and talents. Recently, it’s been about players showing their personalities. Theatrics emphasized rather than showing off their skillful hockey abilities. Sergei Ovechkin was the highlight of the skills event. Receiving passes from his father and Sidney Crosby, he split the netminder’s five hole to find the back of the net. While the act was incredibly adorable, the purpose of the event is for the professionals to display their talents. Dressing in floral shirts, donning sunglasses. Matthew Tkachuk brought the beach to the rink with brother Brady, while Alex Barkov dressed as a lifeguard. The former Panthers goalie, Roberto Luongo ditched his stick for a pool noodle. Sure Tkachuk scored, but they put more thought in their act, rather than showcasing their talents.

Prerecorded Events: All-star Game Bust?

The splash shot was a hit with the fans, but the faults in the game plan skew the authenticity of the event. Crosby and Mackinnon failed to surpass the first round. Mackinnon hitting his targets, but not falling. The duo requested a re-do, but their protest went unheard… Fast forward to the finals for the splash shot , Cal Makar was granted a redo. They realized the wind might have been affecting the surf boards on one side. Makar and Rantanen secured the victory on a re-do. The pre-recorded events attract thousands of people. Being able to see their favorite players let loose, but the point of the event is to display hockey skills and talents. The people in attendance have a blast, while the viewers on TV ask themselves why they spent the time watching it.

Improving All-star Events: What Needs to Happen?

Scratch the Tendy Tandem and bring back the Goaltenders competition held from 1990-2007. Points were awarded to the goalie allowing the fewest goals against in the Zone and Shootout/Breakaway relay events. Bringing back the goalie competition would ensure the other skaters utilize and showcase their skills rather than focusing on theatrics. The all-star game brings in high revenue to the cities in which the event is held. But If they want to increase viewership, they need to stick to showcasing what athletic abilities hockey players are capable of.


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