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Big Blue Report: The Return Of Eli

The New York Giants have had a very difficult 2019 campaign, maybe the worst season ever. Big Blue now sits at 2-10 with a eight game loosing streak being held over their heads as the the team plays out the string of remaining games hoping they could be put of their misery as well as the fan base.

After last Sunday’s horror show at Metlife Stadium where not only did the Giants get defeated easily by the Packers 31-13, but saw their home field turn into a Green Bay Packer home game with the influx of Packers fan in the stadium.

Let’s call last Sunday’s loss the worst case scenario.

-Loosing the game as we stated 31-13.

-Packers fans take over Metlife Stadium with a heavy “Go Pack Go” chants through the whole building

-Rookie QB Daniel Jones sprained his ankle, which at the time did not realize would put the rookie on the bench.

-The Struggles of stand out Running Back Saquon Barkley continued as he had a very difficult time getting on track after a tremendous rookie campaign.

-The defensive missing and dropping assignments which has led to big plays and scores.

-Finally, the talk of young players and progress growing old to the fan base and media alike.

The answer this week would come in the name of Eli Manning. Yes, Daniel Jones is nursing a sprained ankle and may not be ready to go, though is that the real reason we are seeing Eli Manning again?

The Giants fan base has turned on the Mara’s and the Gettleman/Shurmur regime letting them know that this is not what they want to see. Obviously anyone who thought this was going to be a competitive year needs to look back at what this roster looks like and is not the ’07 or ’11 Giants.

If you ask Daniel Jones, he most likely will tell you that his ankle is not that bad and he can give it a go this Monday against the Eagles. Do you really need to put Jones back out there when he is not 100%?

The Giants brass knows and understand that they need some positive energy through the franchise. So they are calling old number 10 off the bench.

They want to call the guy who was a loyal solider and never really lost the job. The job was taken away from him because a coach needed to justify what he saw what was a lost season to save his own job.

Eli did what he does best, be a pro’s pro and say the right things. Since his benching, we have not heard a peep from him. No coin toss, no interviews, not even really in the locker room after home games, he bails early.

Pat Shurmur’s new QB has been banged up a bit and coach is forced to go back to the old reliable Super Bowl Champion that has been pushed twice out the door by two different coaches.

Shurmur stated during the week that the job is still Daniel’s when he is healthy, but at what cost? At this point the rookie QB has received great guidance from Eli on how to be a pro and has gained experience on the field.

“I have trying to get Daniel as prepared as possible each week” Said Eli on Wednesday. “I faced a lot of the teams that we have been playing and just look through old notes and tips on trying to diagnose defenses. Also trying to get myself ready to play each week.”

Why not let Jones heal his ankle and allow Eli have his farewell tour. A tour that he normally would not want but fans would embrace. Eli never wanted to spotlight he has received, he just wants to want the one thing they took away from him, the ability to play.

When the word leaked that Eli would most likely play on Monday night, Manning spoke for the first time in two months and he gave the same answers we have been hearing for years..and it felt good to hear it from him.

“I think you’re always eager to play, that’s why you play” said Manning during this weeks media session. “That’s why you compete, and you work out and do everything— to go out there and compete on gameday and get wins and put your team in a situation to win. I think when you’re not doing that you miss it, and you’re excited about the competitive part of it.”

If this is a one week opportunity or a farewell tour, Eli manning has found the way to bring the Giants fans back to the stadium or in front of a TV with anticipation. Giants fans need something.

Only time will tell if it leads to a win.

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