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Big Blue Report: What Does It All Mean?

The NFL Draft is this Thursday and the real question becomes who will be selected by the Giants with the number two pick. I could try and break it down with speculation, guesses, stupid stats and other useless nonsense but that is not what we do here.

We react with the facts and what we know and Dave Gettleman filled the media in with some news and tidbits at his Pre Draft Media presser on Thursday.

Here are some highlights:

– Brandon Marshall has been released due to a failed physical.

Marshall, a six-time Pro Bowler, spent just one shortened season with the Giants, his fifth team in a 12-year career. He started each of the first five games of the 2017 season and had 18 receptions for 154 yards. Marshall did not score a touchdown for the first time in his career.

This was no surprise to anyone as Marshall never really seem to fit into the Giants offensive scheme last season. The real question is will Marshall play again in the NFL?

This moves Sterling Shepard into the number two receiver slot on their depth chart.

Do the Giants have interest in Dez Bryant?

This is where Dave Gettleman became very coy and doesthat whole GM thing where he says something by saying nothing. The answer he gave was simple “I have interest in everybody. We do our film work and you never know.”

That answer tells me they have little to no interest in bringing Bryant in as this would be the Marshall experiment all over again. Why put yourself through it?

Odell Beckham is your primary receiver and you have some very solid players around him in that position. In my personal opinion, Bryant would not be a good fit and would hurt Beckham’s growth as a receiver and a leader.

-Odell Beckham Jr. staying in NY

Odell is looked up to and respected by a a majority of the younger players in that locker room and the franchise. This off season has been has been rough for Beckham as the discussion of contract extensions, trade rumors and off the field distractions surround the popular wide receiver.

The Giants could have put all the speculation to rest by saying we want to keep Odell here. Instead when asked the press conference Gettleman gave the following answer. ” I’m not going to say. He’s on our team, he’s a valued member of our football team.”

Why not say we are not moving him?

There were reports leaked by multiple sources that the Giants had a high asking price if they were going to trade Odell if a team offered two first round draft picks.

No surprise here ..Nobody stepped up.

-Gettleman on Eli

Gettleman was very vague on Eli Manning and how much he has left in the tank.

“Well, you know we’ve talked about it. There is no ability to predict that. Eli takes great care of his body, he’s very fit. We watched the film and he still has plenty of arm. Who knows? Did anybody know that, I’m drawing a blank on his name; he played quarterback at the age of 45. Who knows? I know the Oakland kicker Blanda played a game late, right Steve? You played a game late and there was another quarterback, he played for Atlanta. But anyhow, like I said, Eli takes great care of himself, he’s very fit and he still has plenty of arm.”

-Would the Giants trade down? Gettleman never did..

No, I never did, did I? It just kind of never happened, I guess. I traded up a bunch, I know that. It just kind of never happened. There was nothing ever meaningful enough that would keep me from a player that we had that was there for us to take. I guess that’s what it is. Like I said, you can outsmart yourself and you can have a player there that you like, but someone wants to trade and you go, ‘Alright, I can get extra draft picks.’ Woo and you get into that. Nobody ever offered us – you know what, in Carolina I never got a meaningful enough offer to trade back.

-Do the Giants want Barkley?

I’m not going to lie. He’s a tremendous talent. You put the film on of a defensive guy and if they’re playing Penn State, then I’m watching Saquon. He’s one of those guys that my mother could have scouted. She could have figured that one out.


Here is the full press conference!!


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