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Brandon Nimmo Ready For PlayOff BaseBall

Brandon Nimmo has often been written off as a no-name outfielder that stumbled onto a Major League roster. In a city of big names, the Mets fan base showered Nimmo with adoration because of the lack of celebrity. Throughout his Mets tenure, Nimmo has reaped a solid reputation for sprinting through every groundout. In the baseball world, this trait has always been associated with tireless work ethic.

Let’s be realistic, though: work ethic rarely garners any attention on SportsCenter. However it lays the foundation for those #SCTopTen moments that athletes long for. In Brandon Nimmo fashion, his work ethic was on full display during the Dodgers series in Flushing. Rather than falling into it, he jumped his way onto SportsCenter.

Game 2 of the Dodgers-Mets series found Jacob deGrom going up against arguably the best team in baseball. Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, and the like were able to stifle the Amazin’s in a 1-run game in Game 1. Game 2 had everything you could ask for, from seats filled with fervorous fans to Timmy Trumpet on deck. Nothing says “PlayOff Atmosphere” like having MLB NetWork in the house. Since PlayOff BaseBall is all about pitching, deGrom showed the world that he understood the assignment.

Jacob deGrom’s outing had him carry Queens on his back, and the fans aren’t the only ones aware of it. After the Mets’ win to tie the series, Brandon Nimmo acknowledged deGrom’s efforts to support his team. Nimmo mentioned a personal desire to return the countless favors deGrom does for the Mets. Nimmo attributes that desire to fueling his contribution to the series.

It’s common knowledge that no pitching gem is complete without a web gem of a defensive play. Toward the tail-end of deGrom’s outing, Justin Turner took a big hack for the fences. Just before the former Met fan favorite’s attempt cleared the fence, Brandon Nimmo was right there to snag the attempt. As deGrom tipped his cap in appreciation, the packed Citi Field celebrated as Nimmo pumped his fist in jubilation.

Everyone in the building knew what the snag meant for the team. Not that Brandon Nimmo robbed a game-tying home run at the end of August. Rather, Brandon Nimmo and these Mets have put in the work to get ready for this playoff stage. Running out those ground balls sure do pay off.

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