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Braves Most Likely to Lose Throwback Uniforms

The Atlanta Braves are set to lose their 1979 throwback jerseys due to Nike limiting uniform numbers for Major League Baseball.

Through the ups and downs of every season, the Braves have one thing that is always constant. Drip, Rizz, Swagger, Style, however you want to say it, looking good is what they do. From the Fire Friday reds to the Sunday creams, then the road grey and blues. All of these are looked down on by the legendary 1979 throwback Braves uniforms.

Deion Sanders, famous for once playing in an NFL game then an MLB game in the same day, once said “you look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play well. You play good, they pay good”. How the hell does Nike and MLB expect the Braves to play good when they can’t look good?

Why it is Personal for the Braves

Over the past few years, Nike and MLB have been rolling out City Connect jerseys for teams such as the Angels, Astros, Padres, Rockies, Nationals, and others. They have never entertained the Braves it feels like, and I have yet to even see any ideas for what Nike is thinking to do for them. The Braves have a very classic uniform so I understood why they might not do a City Connect because the city and fans love it when the team wears the 1979 uniforms.

Current Uniform Lineup

As far as I see it these are the options Atlanta has:

The home whites- a classic baseball uniform from the red, white, and blue to the tomahawk sitting there that embodies the warrior spirit of the Braves.

Home Sunday cream- take the home whites to an entirely different level. The Cream color that displays the red “Braves” embossed in navy blue never goes out of style and always looks stellar.

Road greys- they’re the ones that we know. Nothing special here, but that is true for every team’s primary road uniform.

World Series Road blue- we won the World Series in these jerseys.  It is quite easy to picture Eddie Rosario or Jorge Soler donning these outfits.

The Friday reds- my personal favorite. There is nothing better than seeing the fire red Braves coming at you in the two-tone hats.

Then you get to the 1979 unis that the team uses a couple times each season.

The Braves wearing their throwback uniforms is always so fun for me as it reminds me of Hank Aaron and all of the great history that is my city of Atlanta. I do not understand the jersey limit as having more jerseys would lead to more sales. The Braves will figure it out though and for all I know maybe this will be the kick MLB and Nike need to finally give the Braves their city connect uniforms.

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