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Bucs’ Quarterly Review

Through three weeks of football, Tampa Bay is sitting at a 2-2 record. A .500 win percentage(through the first two weeks) is acceptable for most teams in the NFL, but not the Bucs, this team had higher expectations heading into the 2022 season. However, it isn’t all bad, the Bucs have also looked mighty impressive at times this season.

First off…

The main contributor to the Bucs misfortunate thus far; injuries.

  • WR Chris Godwin – coming into the season, Godwin was freshly recovered from an ACL tear. After playing most of the offensive snaps during the first half of Week 1 vs Dallas, he left the game with a hamstring injury. He would go on to miss two more games. Week four, Godwin seemed unfazed though as he got back on pace with Tom Brady although the Bucs dropped a game at home.
  • WR Julio Jones – with the injury to Godwin, Jones’s injury becomes a little more significant. He also missed the same two weeks as Godwin, which left the Bucs very thin in that receiving room.
  • DT Akiem Hicks – The newly signed Buc, Hicks missed weeks three & four with a foot injury

It’s Still Early

Around the league, there are a lot of teams with a 2-2 record, almost half(15). The Bucs are still getting their feet under them. Here’s what i’ve seen so far

The Good

  • The defense is picking up right where it left off a season ago
  • Clearly the best LB core in the NFL
  • Brady can still throw for 250+ yards a game(has 1,058 this season)

The Good

  • The O-line has to find more solidarity, with the loss of two of there best guys in the off-season.
  • The WR room needs more stability.
  • Offense can’t always depend on the defense.

Looking Forward

There’s no need to hit the panic button yet on this Bucs team, they’re just having some early season growing pains. Brady himself has said he came out of retirement because this team is so good, so I don’t think we should be worried.

Going forward, Tampa Bay has the “easiest” remaining schedule based on opponent record. If the game against Kansas City was their worst game, then they’re in good shape. I said coming into this season that the Bucs would be an 11-6 type of team BUT, at the same time they could be on a five game winning streak heading into the playoffs with a newly signed un-retired Gronkowski and 11-6 won’t matter.

This 2022 squad has a lot of potential and a lot to look forward to as we head into the next quarter of the season, hopefully they are able to keep guys healthy.

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