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Chances are the Dolphins Finish the Season on a Winning Streak

The Dolphins have had a dramatic season, to say the least. Apart from Tua Tagovailoa there are multiple players emerging as stars like Jaylen Waddle, Tyreek Hill, Jarome Baker…who are so fun to watch play football. They have shown consistent skill and athleticism regardless of a final win or loss (or if Tua is playing or not).  At this point in the season, after all these weeks of highs and lows, and even though  Miami just came off a run of losses, I think they are going to end the season winning.


Yesterday’s game against the Bills was a good game of football, even though it was the third of 3 losses in a row. These games  follow 5 solid wins and an out of story books season start – before Tua was injured and they had their first set of 3 game losses. So, if the pattern holds they should be set to win their next 3-5 games and there are two scheduled and a third TBD left. Like a holiday present from football holiday heaven, we get the Dolphins playing Dec. 25th  and January 1st. Days which a whole lot of people have off to watch football, hope for a win, and celebrate Chances are, the Dolphins finish the season on a winning streak!


Why this last unfortunate series of losses then? The same as the first set, in my opinion, Tua Tua Tua. 


Like it or not, teams win consistently when the chemistry is right, and pretty much can’t come together as a working team if it isn’t. The Dolphins have illustrated this like none other this season. Headed into the end of the 2022 season and there is no doubt that Tua is the spice that makes the Dolphins come together so nice. Their team just doesn’t gel right when he isn’t. We see examples over and over how it takes that one right player to create the recipe for a winning team and Tua seems to be that for the Dolphins. We also have examples of how an individual player can be a standout on one team, then fall flat on another like we are watching with Russell Wilson after he left the Seahawks for the Broncos. Consider what strength the team dynamic influence has on a career. It has the power to allow 3 time backup quarterback Geno Smith, become a competent starter once he gets to Seattle where the chemistry works and his skills fit in right .


In the case of the Dolphins you can see how the score gap closes in the the last 3 games. Tua gets injured, heavy loss. As he recovers the team recovers, (although the first injury is a little different than the ankle).  Let’s hope Tua stays strong and healthy, and the team finishes the season even better than they started. 


Coming up next:

December 25

Dolphins V Packers


January 1, 2023

Dolphins v Patriots


January 8

Dolphins (TBD) v Jets




December 17

32 Bills v 29 Dolphins


December 11

23 Chargers v 17 Dolphins


December 4; Tua injures his ankle

33 49ers v 17 Dolphins


November 27

30 Dolphins v 15 Texans


November 13

39 Dolphins v 17 Browns


November 6

35 Dolphins v 32 Bears


October 30

31 Dolphins v 27 Lions


October 23

16 Dolphins v 10 Steelers


October 16

24 Vikings v 16 Dolphins


October 9

40 Jets v 17 Dolphins


September 29; Tua suffers head injury

27 Bengals v 15 Dolphins


September 25

21 Dolphins v 19 Bills


September 18

42 Dolphins v 38 Ravens


September 11

20 Dolphins v 7 Patriots














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