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College Football Power Rankings Week 3

Jahan Dotson Picking Up Yardage Vs Auburn

The official BSP Power Rankings. You know the drill, the games are played Saturday, the AP Poll drops Sunday, and finally, everyone’s favorite BSP rankings. A lot of movement this week, so let’s get into it.

1: Alabama (3-0) No Change

Last Week: Beat Florida 31-29

Next Week: Hosts Southern Miss

After narrowly surviving in the Swamp Saturday, I was almost tempted to give away Alabama’s shiny number one spot in the rankings to SEC East frontrunner Georgia, but this Alabama team can only get better from here. It’s become a yearly occurrence now for Alabama to win a close one before they really get clicking and become the team we expect them to be, think about the Ole Miss game last year, the 14-13 Arkansas game, sometimes, Alabama needs a close call or two before they pull it together, which I expect them to do down the stretch.

2. Georgia (3-0) No Change

Last Week: Beat South Carolina 40-13

Next Week: At Vanderbilt

If you don’t know how good this Georgia defense is, go watch their next game on the skycast. It’s terrifying. These guys are big, fast, and everywhere at once. Alabama stays ahead of Georgia based on offensive talent and coaching staff, but this Georgia team might be the scariest team in football. Clemson might not be as good as we thought they were, but don’t make the mistake of taking that week one win lightly.

3. Iowa (3-0) No Change

Last Week: Beat Kent State 30-7

Next Week: Hosts Colorado State Rams

 The Hawkeyes hold on to their spot in the rankings this week after a 30-7 win over Kent State. Surely people may have expected a wider game between the two teams, but looking around the college football landscape, having a comfortable lead against an obviously inferior opponent can’t be taken for granted anymore. I’m looking at you, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio State, Notre Dame, and other programs I’m sliding down these rankings for barely escaping teams with significantly less talent than themselves.

4. Oregon (3-0) No Change

Last Week: Beat Stony Brook 48-7

Next Week: Hosts Arizona

Take care of business. Win the games you’re supposed to win and win them by a lot. Last year, Florida was the lone time to not receive that memo, throwing away their playoff chances in a game against an unranked LSU they had not prepared for. This year, that sentiment that derailed the gators plagued college football, but Oregon doesn’t need to be taught again. After a big win against Ohio State on the road, the Ducks did exactly what they were supposed to do when they beat 41-point underdog Stony Brook by… 41 points. Don’t forget the value of wins like that, lest you be reminded of the Oklahomas and the Clemsons out there. And no, I’m not going to stop picking on teams that weren’t able to take care of business the way Oregon did Saturday.

5. Penn State (3-0) Up 5

Last Week: Beat Auburn 28-20

Next Week: Hosts Villanova

In complete transparency, I don’t think Auburn is quite as good as we believed going into this matchup, but that doesn’t make the win Saturday night any less impressive. This Penn State team has talent, direction, and a winning culture. Expect to see them in the top five-to-ten teams for likely the rest of the season.

6. Cincinnati (3-0) Up 2

Last Week: Beat Indiana 38-24

Next Week: BYE

This Bearcats team just stared down it’s most important challenge in recent history and came out with a win. If they win out and get past Notre Dame, which seems like much less of a challenge now than it did in the preseason, look to see this team in a pretty good position come playoff selection.

7. Florida (2-1) Up 2

Last Week: Lost to Alabama 31-29

Next Week: Hosts Tennessee

You always hope for a win, but I don’t imagine many Florida fans are entirely unhappy with the Gators performance against the Tide. Finding a rhythm defensively, effectively running the ball, Florida improved tremendously upon their effort last year against the Tide in Atlanta. If Florida can surpass Georgia in Jacksonville, the Gators may be ready to take down Alabama and claim their first SEC Championship since 2008 when they beat… you guessed it, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

8. Oklahoma (3-0) Down 3

Last Week: Beat Nebraska 23-16

Next Week: Hosts West Virginia

I’m low on the Sooners this year, so low in fact, I don’t even want them in my top ten, but alas, moving them outside can’t be justified. This program is ripe to get upset after close calls against the likes of Tulane and Nebraska, you know, two real legitimate playoff contenders with elite talent and enviable coaching staffs. Once this team isn’t undefeated maybe this ranking can show you how I really feel but for now they can hang out at number 8.

9. Texas A&M (3-0) Up 2

Last Week: Beat New Mexico 34-0

Next Week: At Arkansas (Neutral Site: Dallas)

A&M is a bit of a doozie this year. After being thoroughly impressed by them last year, I didn’t start this season too hot on them. I still don’t see them making a serious run for the SEC West, but this team is still wicked talented.

10. Ole Miss (3-0) Up 6

Last Week: Beat Tulane 61-21

Next Week: BYE

Ole Miss is a team that I’m higher on than most, even since the offseason. I’m surprised how much people are buying into the Matt Corral Heisman hype yet still don’t see Ole Miss as a contender. This team hasn’t faced a huge challenge yet, but expect them to show the world they really are a top ten squad.

11. Ohio State (3-0) Down 4

Last Week: Beat Tulsa 41-20

Next Week: Hosts Akron

12. Notre Dame (3-0) No Change

Last Week: Beat Purdue 27-13

Next Week: At Wisconsin

13. Clemson (3-0) Down 7

Last Week: Beat Georgia Tech 14-8

Next Week: At NC State

14. Iowa State (2-1) No Change

Last Week: Beat UNLV 48-3

Next Week: At Baylor

15. Arkansas (3-0) Up 3

Last Week: Beat Georgia Southern 45-10

Next Week: Hosts Texas A&M (Neutral Site: Dallas)

16. BYU (3-0) Up 7

Last Week: Beat Arizona State 27-17

Next Week: Hosts USF

17.  Wisconsin (2-1) No Change

Last Week: BYE

Next Week: Hosts Notre Dame


  1. Michigan (3-0) Previously Unranked

Last Week: Beat NIU 63-10

Next Week: Hosts Rutgers

19.  North Carolina (2-1) Up 3

Last Week: Beat Virginia 59-39

Next Week: At Georgia Tech


  1. Coastal Carolina (3-0) Down 1

Last Week: Beat Buffalo 28-25

Next Week: Hosts UMass

21. Michigan State (3-0) Previously Unranked

Last Week: Beat Miami 38-17

Next Week: Hosts Nebraska

22. Texas (2-1) Up 3

Last Week: Beat Rice 58-0

Next Week: Hosts Texas Tech

23. Arizona State  (2-1) Down 3

Last Week: Lost to BYU 27-17

Next Week: Hosts Colorado

24. Virginia Tech (2-1) Down 11

Last Week: Lost to West Virginia 27-21

Next Week: Hosts Michigan St

25. Fresno State (2-1) Previously Unranked

Last Week: Beat UCLA 40-37

Next Week: Hosts UNLV


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