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Big Blue Report: Must Win!!

The phrase “Must Win” is one of the most over used words in sports but in the case of the New York Football Giants, it’s appropriate.  The Giants know if they want to compete for the Super Bowl in February they cannot fall to 0-4 in the 2017 season.

The Giants looked terrible in the first two games against Dallas in Detroit but showed signs of improvement and life during the game against the Eagles.  Mental mistakes and miscues led to a 27-24 last second defeat to Philly.

So is this a must win game?

Coach McAdoo addressed the media on how he is handling the 0-3 start. “We have our noise blockers on. The guys have been focused and did a good job yesterday in the team meeting – in offense and defense and special teams meetings focusing in. We had a good productive day today. Good to get out there in the heat and humidity today. That will help us on Sunday. “

One of the big the issues in the first three weeks have been injuries. The team has had key players listed on the sideline report in the last week.

The team is hoping to have BJ Goodson back in the lineup this week. Goodson met with the media and discussed how difficult it has been to sit on the sidelines. “It was very tough. Not as far as the injury goes, but as far as watching the guys out there. Like in the beginning of every series, I would get a gut feeling like, “damn I wish I could be out there.” Some things aren’t in your control so you control what you can control. Just working every day to get back and get back healthy.”

Eli Manning has made it clear that all games from here on out are must wins. “They’re all crucial and I think everybody knows the record and the next game is always the next game and is always the most important one. So, obviously, we’re searching and we’re going to keep working and grinding to find a way to get a win and that’s the mindset.”

Tampa Bay’s Head Coach Dirk Koetter stated he is not worried about New York’s 0-3 start but worried about their own issues. “Well, as a coach of the other team, I’m a lot more worried about my team, about the Bucs team. We’re a team that also has high expectations and we’re sitting here at 1-1 and we got our butts kicked last week by Minnesota. So my apprehension is way more towards how our team is going to play. The Giants have whatever issues they have and we certainly have our own issues.”

The Giants are looking to bounce back and become only the sixth team to start 0-3 and make the playoffs. One thing at a time and one win at a time. Kickoff is at 4:30 EST on FOX.

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