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Dawg Pound Report: News and Notes From the Browns Presser Yesterday

Some of the Browns players and coaches spoke to the media yesterday before leaving Berea. Obviously they are riding high after beating the Washington Football Team, sans Chase Young, pretty easily. Head Coach Kevin Stefanski spoke with reporters along with quarterback Baker Mayfield, center J.C Tretter, and running back Nick Chubb. They were happy with the win but all four said they had already started focusing on their looming trip to Jerry’s World, which in no way will be easy.

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski Speaking with the Press:

Kevin Stefanski Speaking to the Press
  • Stefanski was pretty happy and laid back when speaking with reporters. He should be after beating The Washington Football team 34-20 on Sunday.
  • He updated the injury report saying that Joel Bitonio, Denzel Ward, Kareem Hunt, and Austin Corbett would not practice today with injuries. Stefanski noted that they would monitor those players all week and see what happens come Sunday. (Day to Day)
  • He also said that going to Dallas and playing the Cowboys would be a very challenging test for this young team.
  • He spoke about the Cowboys offense, and how it all starts with Dak Prescott and that big offensive line they have in Dallas.
  • He also said their defense is strong in the back end, has great backers, and a challenging edge rushers.
  • Stefanski also expects second-year corner Greedy Williams to play on Sunday, and the other corner Denzel Ward are still day-to-day.
  • Holding calls in the NFL are down from last year, making games a bit faster.
  • He briefly went over how Baker needs to capitalize the big moments, and spread the ball out as much as possible with all their offensive weapons.
  • Stefanski spoke about how potent the Cowboys offense is and the weapons around Dak Prescott, including Ezekiel Elliott who Stefanski described as a “premium back.”
  • “He’s a big physical guy, who runs well,” Stefanski on right guard Wyatt Teller who has excelled at pulling to help lead block for Nick Chubb.
  • Stefanski also spoke about the need to realize that Prescott can tuck it and run, and how they need to be aware of that.
  • Finally Stefanski was asked a question about getting into a shootout with the Cowboys, which is something he clearly wants to stay away from. “At the end of the drive just score, anyway you can,” Stefanski on how the offense needs to finish drives, no matter what.

Baker Mayfield Speaking with the Press:

Baker Mayfield Speaking to the Press
  • Baker was asked about traveling back home to Texas,”Austin’s the best city in Texas, I’ll have a lot of friends and family there, but I need to treat it like any other game, we gotta go do our job.”
  • Baker also spoke on a possible shootout with the Cowboys,”You know I think Dak’s a great player, tremendous respect to him, but when it comes down to it, we’re playing the Cowboy’s defense, uh and we have to whatever it takes to win.”
  • Baker also said it’s always fun to play at Dallas.
  • When asked if it means anything extra for back Nick Chubb to play against another elite back, “Um, probably not to be honest with you, I mean Zeke’s a great back, but Nick just does his job, it doesn’t matter who it’s against.
  • Finally, when the press asked him jokingly if Chubb says anything in the huddle, “like hello, feed me.” Mayfield chuckled under his breath before definitively saying no as if Chubb actually doesn’t speak at all.

Nick Chubb Speaking to the Press:

Nick Chubb Speaks to the Press
  • Nick Chubb was pretty laid back and relaxed when he spoke to the press yesterday. He didn’t say much, but what he did say was important.
  • When asked about his cutback ability along with his vision,”The play is designed to either hit front-side or back-side, its just a matter of what I see I guess.”
  • Chubb when asked if it means anything extra playing against another elite back,”Extra as in? I go out there and play my game.” Is Nick Chubb somehow related to Bill Belichick?
  • Then another reporter shot in and asked Chubb if he cares if he’s considered the best back in the NFL,”Not at all (shaking his head).”
  • Mary Kay Cabot asked Chubb about his “other’ gear,’When I get in the open field, I know it’s hard for safeties to tackle me.” When pressed more about his red-zone runs,”I just know that if I’m not close to the end zone, I gotta get in no matter what.”
  • Chubb asked about the offensive line,”Yeah they’ve done a great job, those big guys up front have really gotten things going for us, opening up big holes we can run through. I think a lot goes to them.”
  • Chubb on right guard Wyatt Teller,”Yeah Wyatt’s done a great job this year. He’s improved so much, it’s very noticeable. He has so much more energy and so much swag, he’s fun to run behind.”

J.C Tretter Spoke to the Press:

J.C Tretter Speaking to the Press
  • J.C Tretter spoke mostly about COVID-19, as he is the President of the NFLPA.
  • He urged teams to keep going through their protocols at all times and don’t fall into false sense of safety.
  • Tretter also talked about his article he wrote about playing surfaces. He wants to make all NFL stadiums to have natural grass, rather than turf. This year the numbers have shown that natural grass is the best surface, rather than turf, where players are prone to get injured more.


Myles Garrett Mic’d Up vs Washington:

Myles Garrett Mic’d Up Vs Washington

The Browns usually meet with the press again tomorrow so there will be more injury updates tomorrow along with more news and notes to go over. They need to be cautious in practice this week, as the weather is supposed to be wet and ugly.

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