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Dawg Pound Report: News, Notes, and Pressers from Berea Yesterday

The Cleveland Browns are off to their best start in 26 years. Who was roaming the sideline back then? None other than the great Bill Belichick. Traveling to division rivals Pittsburgh this weekend will not be an easy task. Not to mention, Pittsburgh might have some retaliation this year after Myles Garrett swung his helmet at then quarterback Mason Rudolph. Before we dive into the press conferences today, let’s go over the injury report for both squads.

  • The Browns have put Greedy Williams on the IR, with Kevin Stefanski saying there is hope he plays this year.
  • In a move to fill in for Greedy, the Browns signed cornerback Robert Jackson to their active roster.
  • Both coaches are not expecting any backlash from last year’s Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph debacle, on the field at least.

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield Speaks to Reporters
  • Baker on how he’s feeling after he took a shot to the ribs on Sunday: “Feel good, just one day at a time right now, obviously. A little sore. That’s why we have the rest of the week until game day.”
  • On what it would mean to beat the Steelers at Heinz Field: “Once again, we’re not worried about the past, we’re worried about right now. The next game is the most important one. We have a very good division opponent in their house. That’s the most important part, we’re focused on now and that is Pittsburgh this week.”
  • Asked if he would be practicing: “That is to be determined.” (Side Note: From a Browns fan. Don’t practice Baker, no need. This is also a bit of bad news, meaning he might not be at 100% come Sunday in Pittsburgh)
  • Asked if he’s still confident he’ll be playing Sunday: “Yup, just day by day, still confident.”
  • On his relationship with Myles Garrett: “I think it’s definitely expanded. As I’m much more comfortable with this system, and like I’ve said, trying to be a better leader for this team, and reach out to more people. Myles have had conversations. We know the time is now, for us, to take advantage of it. We know why we were brought here, and we both believe in that. Not everything is said between us. There are certain looks, we both know what we’re thinking.”
  • Asked how it feels to be playing a meaningful game: “That’s the exciting part about it. Obviously, division games are meaningful for us. They’re undefeated, we’re 4-1 it’s an extremely important game, because that’s the next one.”

JC Tretter

JC Tretter Speaks to the Press
  • Asked how impressed he was with the job Chris Hubbard did on Sunday after coming in for Wyatt Teller: “He did really good, he stepped in pretty well, and that’s what you expect out of a pro like Chris (Hubbard). He’s gotten a lot of game reps, and he knows what it takes to be successful in this league. We have a lot of faith in him to play multiple positions, and he showed why. (Side Note: Hubbard has played both tackle positions, but Sunday was the first time he’d ever played guard in a regular season game. Well done.)
  • Asked why this team embraces the “one day at a time” mantra so much: “Yeah, I’ll give credit to Kevin (Stefanski), I think he’s done a really good job of framing each week the right way, and keeping everyone laser focused on the task at hand. Not looking in the past, and not looking too far ahead, being dialed in to what that week entails.”
  • Asked about how satisfied he was with the way Tennessee handled their COVID outbreak (Tretter is the NFLPA President): “Yeah, we had both the NFL and the NFLPA look into it and do an investigation on it. We have nothing to do with the punishment part. That’s solely in the league’s discretion.

Terrance Mitchell

Terrance Mitchell Presser
  • Asked how disappointed he was for Greedy: “Oh you know Greedy’s a soldier. Its just, it’s part of football and he knows that. He’ll be alright, he’ll be back.”
  • Asked on how he feels he has done stepping in for Greedy: “I have a responsibility to the team, and I have to do my job at a high level. I just have to keep working so I can help the team win.”
  • Asked what stands out the most with Ben Roethlisberger: “He’s a veteran quarterback, he’s been around the league for a long time. You just have to play smart, and cover long, because late in games he can scramble and stuff to extend plays.

Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt Speaks with Reporters
  • Asked how special it is to play the Steelers with a 4-1 team versus a 4-0 team: “You know, it’s really special. We have two good teams this year, and it’s definitely going to be a battle. We want to keep our streak alive, and I’m sure they want to keep their streak going too.”
  • Asked how the Steelers make it difficult to run the wide-zone scheme: “I mean they got guys up front that are really good. Their front seven is really good. They have some guys that can get to the passer, and guys who make it a problem to run. We have to come out ready to play and do our 1-on-1 jobs.
  • Asked about when he was a kid if he dreamed of playing in a big game against the Steelers: “Most definitely! I was always thinking that I would love to play at that level, especially Browns vs Steelers, it doesnt really get much bigger than that.”
  • On his confidence Baker (Mayfield) will be able to play on Sunday: “I’m confident, and I pray he’s ready. I know Baker’s ready for the challenge. He’s a great player and a great teammate.”

Kevin Stefanski

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski Speaks with Reporters
  • “I know you guys got the DNP’s (Did Not Practice). Baker will be limited out there, but looking forward to getting back on the grass with the guys.
  • On the challenge this week: “A really good football team. 4-0, playing at their place, I think it’s going to be a very, very big challenge. I think the guys are excited about it. Just looking them across the board. Obviously well-coached, have a ton of respect for that coaching staff. Then what they’re able to do on offense. They have Big Ben who’s playing great. He’s so comfortable in that scheme. They have play-makers across the board. Really good up front. On defense, very impressive. They attack, they’re physical. Really, really good players, a bunch of first-rounders up front. They vary their scheme. So it will be a huge challenge for our offense. Then special teams, very sound, coach Smith been doing this a long time, one of the great ones. So a big challenge for us and I think our guys are excited.”
  • On what his view of Myles Garrett now, in terms of being able to handle emotions in this game, if they run high. “Yeah, Nate I think Myles has addressed it. I think it’s something that he has definitely put in the past. It’s definitely something to learned from, has grown from. I know the focus for our team, and for Myles is on this game. I trust that he’s grown a lot over the last year.

Check out the full press conferences in the videos. Big rivalry game this week versus the Steelers. There will be an article tomorrow on the three things the Browns have to do to win, and before kickoff on Sunday there will be a preview blog. However, the best will be after the game, where there will be a victory article! (*Crossing My Fingers*)

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