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Dawg Pound Report: News, Notes and Pressers From Yesterday in Berea

After getting dominated by division rival Pittsburgh, the only place to go is up. This week the Browns head down to Cincinnati for another divisional game. In the first meeting between these two, the Browns came out with a chip on their soldier and put the Bengals away with a score of 35-30. That game was played after the Browns dismantling in Baltimore. Hopefully the Browns can take that anger and frustration, and turn it into a win in Cincinnati. These are the press conferences from Wednesday in Berea.

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield Press Conference
  • On how his ribs and chest is feeling after injuring it versus the Colts: “Yeah, just lucky we didn’t have any setbacks, I should be able to do more in practice and get more reps.
  • On him and the team having a next play mentality: “Yeah I have to have a short memory, playing quarterback. That’s for the good and the bad. You know, I have to get back to the basics, finding completions. It’s tough when you have a momentum swing like that. You just have to go back to the basics, and find competions.
  • Without Nick Chubb, does it feel like he has more weight on his shoulder: “Obviously losing a player and person like Nick is never great, but I don’t feel any added pressure.”
  • After a game like Sunday, does his confidence take a hit: “No I think it’s all correctable things, and they will be corrected. So, no, I play the same way no matter what.”
  • On how the loss feels to him: “Yeah the feeling throughout the building is that 4-2 never felt like 0-6 more.

Check out the rest of Baker Mayfield’s Press Conference above!

Ronnie Harrison

Ronnie Harrison Press Conference
  • On what his mind set about getting back in there and picking up where you left off: “JUst like you said, exactly that. Just trying to get back in there and pick up where I left off. I just want to keep going out there and making plays, helping this defense, and helping this team out as much as I can.”
  • On if he knows the play where he got the concussion: “I’m not really sure what specific play. It could have been a couple of plays that were added together.”
  • On if he’s scared that he’s had so many concussions throughout his career: “It’s a part of football. I play a hard-hitting position, I play safety, I play defense. It’s kind of in the game, you know what I’m used to. It is scary, you never want to get a concussion, or a head injury. It’s part of the game. Just try and minimize it as much as I can.”

Check out the rest of Ronnie Harrison’s press conference above!

Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt Press Conference
  • What’s your confidence that you guys can look like the number one rushing offense on Sunday: “You know, very confident. We’re going to get back to work and keep getting better.”
  • On if he’s waiting to break out: “I mean, I guess I would love it but, I’m here for the wins and losses. My biggest thing is I want to win.”
  • On how important it is for the team to bounce right back against Cincinnati: “It’s definitely important, we have to go back and fix things and be ready to come out the next game. The most important one is the next one.”
  • Check out the rest of Kareem Hunt’s Press Conference!

Kevin Stefanski

Kevin Stefanski Press Conference
  • “Big challenge this week, this is a game that went down to the wire there in week 2. This team plays everybody tight. There scores have been within one score except for one at Baltimore.”
  • “The last time they were in their building they won by eight. I think it’s a really good football team. I know they’re well coached. You look at them across the board on offense and defense I think they have a bunch of play-makers.”
  • “On defense there’s a few guys that are in and a few guys that are out. But by in large it should be a similar scheme that we faced. It’s a really good scheme. They threw every front imaginable at us.
  • Check out the rest of Kevin Stefanski’s press conference above!

The Bengals record doesn’t really do them any justice. They play in a tough division, and not to mention, starting a rookie at quarterback. Joe Burrow has played well so far this year, well he’s played above the level that many thought he could in Cincinnati. Coming off of that beat down at Pittsburgh, the Browns need to win this game, and win it convincingly.

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