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Dawg Pound Report: Post-Game Press Conferences

It was ugly yesterday at Heinz Field. The Steelers took it to the Browns and walked out of the friendly confines of Heinz Field with a 38-7 victory against the Browns. The Browns never seemed to settle in during this game. Two interceptions by Baker Mayfield, and constant pressure on him, forced Mayfield to be pulled in the third quarter. “I didn’t want to see him take another hit,” said head coach Kevin Stefanski after the game. With that being said let’s jump into the post game press conferences, the Browns first coming off a loss since week one at Baltimore.

Kevin Stefanski

Kevin Stefanski Post-Game Press Conference
  • Stefanski on injuries: “Injury wise, you know, we got out of it okay. Baker there, I just didn’t want to see him get hit another time. I put that on myself. Went into this game knowing we need to keep him clean, and we didn’t do a good enough job. So that starts with me, obviously. He’s a very very tough player, and I know he wants to fight but, it’s a long season, and we have a game next week. I didn’t think it was right to put him back out there.
  • “Bottom line, we got beat. Credit to them. We didn’t do anything right. Offensively we couldn’t sustain drives, couldn’t get a first down on third or fourth down. Again credit to them. The guys fought, and we have to learn from this a move on. We have another one next week, divisional opponent, on the road.”
  • On how much the injury affected Baker, and why he got pulled in the second half: “I don’t know if it contributed early. I know this, I didn’t do a good enough job allowing him to be put in those positions. I have to do way better, I can’t let him get hit like that.”
  • On if he has a decision to make about who will start at quarterback: “No, no. Baker will start as long as he’s healthy.
  • Why the offensive line didn’t have the success it did the last four weeks: “I think it’s an easy answer, and I don’t know if its the full answer, but they did a good job. I think, you know I’m sitting here thinking what I can do better. I know there’s a few things I’d like to improve next time. But to their credit they rushed the passer and did a nice job. I’m going to figure out how I can be better there.”

Catch the rest of Kevin Stefanski’s post-game press conference above!

Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett Post Game Press Conference
  • How frustrating this was to him, coming in with high expectations: “I mean they’re a good team. They were able to move the ball on us in the air and on the ground. They just outplayed us on defense and offense, they had our number today.”
  • On if the Steelers were doing anything chippy or trying to bait him: “No they didn’t do anything uncharacteristic of them.
  • On how they always seemed to run away from him on offense: “Yeah, it was part of their game plan. You know you don’t want to run at their best player.”

Catch the rest of Myles Garrett Post-Game Press Conference Above. (Be warned that the audio in this interview is horrible).

Joel Bitonio

Joel Bitonio Post Game Press Conference
  • On how tough of a day it was for the offensive line: “It was tough. I mean you never want to see your quarterback leave the game early, unless you’re up by a lot of points. They beat us up front today, they beat us good. You know they had a couple good hits on him (Mayfield), we try and protect him, but its a difficult task, you know they have good guys up front. We’re gonna look at the tape and improve from it.
  • On if he could tell if Mayfield was really hurting as the game went on: “Yeah I mean, he was a little beat up, but when he came into the huddle he was fine. You know we have a long season, this counts as one. It’s not the way we wanted to play, but I know he’s a tough guy and he wanted to do what he can do, but we didn’t give him enough time.”
  • On if he could feel the game getting away from the Browns: “We scored right before half, and we were hoping to get the ball, and come out and get a drive going, and get it to within ten. You can score enough point in this league to come back from being down by that. In the third quarter we had like eight plays or something. You know, we had two drives or something and we didn’t do enough on offense. You get down by a bunch like this, they’re just going to send guys after the quarterback, and that’s not a situation you want to be in.

Check out the rest of Joel Bitonio’s Post-Game Press Conference Above!

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield Post-Game Press Conference
  • On how he played today and how much the rib injury affected him: “Uhhh, obviously not good enough. Gotta see Minkah coming down in the robber coverage. I have to take care of the ball. Just didn’t get enough on the ball on the second interception. Higgins was open on the sidelines, just didn’t get enough of it, and that’s a ball that to be to him or nobody. So obviously not good enough.”
  • On where the Browns stand compared to Baltimore and Pittsburgh: ” Yeah we just got outplayed today, so that’s what happens when you don’t execute. Great teams capitalize on your mistakes, and they did so that’s why the difference is so drastic.
  • On how the injury affected him in this game: “It didn’t.”
  • On what he thinks happened to the offensive line today: “I have to do a better job getting the ball out, protecting those guys. We knew their (Steelers) strength was the pass rush, it was very apparent when watching film, so I have to do a better job getting the ball out quicker and we just have to execute better.”
  • On how disappointed he was not being able to come out and play well: “It just obviously wasn’t good enough to win. I have to take care of the ball, like I said. The first one, the pick six, just have to see that coverage. Have to see Minkah knowing he’s trying to get around the ball. Have to take care of the ball. The second one, put it a spot only Higgy can get it (Rashard Higgins). If not him, it’s out of bounds. Just a couple things I’ll be looking back on, and we need to fix that.”

Check out Baker Mayfield’s full post-game press conference above! (Also be warned, the audio quality in this presser is bad as well).

The Browns take on the Cincinnati Bengals next week in Cincinnati. After their last blowout loss to the Ravens to open the season, they then took on the Bengals on Thursday Night football. With the Bengals the next game on the schedule, something may be in the air.

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