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Even at 5-2, Hue Jackson Can’t Stop Talking About the Browns

Ah! The legendary days of former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson are funny to look back at right now. On Friday, Jackson went on ESPN Radio in Cleveland to tell people that the Browns are not managing Baker Mayfield the right way.

Hue Jackson on Baker Mayfield and the Browns (Jake Trotter Twitter)

At first, I think many Browns fans just wanted Hue Jackson to shut up. He compiled a 3-36-1 record for the Browns in the time he was the head coach. Another interesting fact about Jackson’s coaching tenure with the Browns is that over the three years he coached the Browns he was 6/16 on challenges. That in itself is crazy. You literally have camera views all around you, and a coach would have a guy in the booth looking to see if it’s worth a red flag. The fact that he went 6/16 means that he also had bad assistants, or he was too cocky and confident that he was right, when cameras showed he was wrong.

I almost feel bad for Hue Jackson. He is clearly not a good football coach or football mind. He coached the entire season when the Browns did the unthinkable and went win-less in 2017. That was coming off a year where they went 1-15. It really makes no sense why the Browns Front Office kept him around. Does he have dirt on Jimmy and Dee Haslam? I guess that’s possible because Jackson has said he will break some huge news when his tell-all book comes out.

On top of all of this, during his Browns days Hue Jackson and the Browns were 30th and 24th in total offense from 2016 and 2017. His defense was also putrid in his time in Cleveland. In 2016 and 2017 the Browns were 31st and 30th respectively in total defense.

In conclusion, Hue Jackson seems like a nice enough guy, but it’s time to shut your mouth now Hue, and go bother another city. You were horrible for your assistants and players, and the Browns started winning as soon as Jackson left. It is rather weird that Hue Jackson had a stud on the defensive line Myles Garrett, and a quarterback drafted number one overall to work with. I mean the question will always be asked how did you go from a one win season to a no win season. This “tell-all” book might come out with some interesting facts, but it looks like this is Hue Jackson’s cry for help. With that being said let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Jackson himself.

  • Hue Jackson compiled a 3-36-1 record while at the helm for the Browns. It took Kevin Stefanski six games to surpass him for wins.
  • When Hue Jackson was fired after a loss to the division rival Steelers, Gregg Williams took over the head coaching duties. For the rest of the season under Williams, they were 5-3, once again more wins than Hue Jackson.
  • Hue Jackson never won a road game while coaching the Browns. (0-20)
  • The Bengals and Marvin Lewis loved him when he was there. After being fired from the Browns organization, Jackson went over to Cincinnati and assumed the position of assistant coach to head coach Marvin Lewis. He was let go after the year.
  • In 2017 during a press conference, Jackson promised reporters he would jump in a freezing cold Lake Erie if the Browns ever went 1-15 again with him in charge. Well, they didn’t go 1-15 in 2018, they went 0-16 joining the Miami Dolphins as the only teams to go through a season win-less. He did keep his word though and jumped in. “It is called a dip and get out. Get in, get out and move on with your life,” Jackson said after Wednesday’s OTA practice in Berea. “I am excited about our organization, Dee and Jimmy (Haslam), and being a part of everything that we are trying to accomplish here from top to bottom.” (USA Today/Hue Jackson)

All in all, Hue Jackson loves to be the center of attention. Why else would he pop up on media outlets when the Browns are having their best season since they came back in 1999. Jackson just loves to stir the pot, but it’s really time for him to close his mouth and go on living wherever he lives. Jackson, in many fans’ opinions, is the worst NFL Football Coach of all-time. He did a one year stint with the Raiders, then his three in Cleveland. At first we all felt a little bad, then we got angry, now its just humorous. Anyone who takes advice from Hue Jackson, well let’s just say they aren’t very smart either. In conclusion, I’m sure his book is well-written and has many stories and tales of how he was the victim. Just kidding, don’t read his book, let alone pay for it.

Hue Jackson is Promoting his Book
Here ya go Coach!
Bye Coach!

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