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Golden State Warriors End Of Season Recap

Golden State Warriors Lose to the Lakers In the Western Conference Semifinals
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It is the end of the road for the Golden State Warriors after a rough Western Conference Semifinals series against the Los Angeles Lakers, losing in game 6. The reigning NBA Champions bid at a repeat fell short this time around.

Fall From Grace

The reigning Champions had a difficult road to get to the NBA Playoffs, with a very shaky start through the first half of the season. They were able to rally together the second half ending with a 44-38 record, earning them the West’s 6th seed bid into the Playoffs.
The biggest point of contention for this team was their inability to secure a win when on the road. Their record when at Chase Center was an impressive 33-8, but when playing in their opposing teams arenas they put up a dismal 11-30 record. Their road-win woes followed them into the post-season, winning only two away games in the first round of Playoffs against the Sacramento Kings and unable to secure any wins in the Staples Center against the Lakers.

Another factor to their struggles was the absence of forward Andrew Wiggins, who was a key piece to their 2022 NBA Championship run. Wiggins, who is seen as one of the team’s top performers both offensively and defensively, missed 23 straight games due to a family emergency.

While the return of Gary Payton II gave the team the boost they needed to turn around the rest of their regular season, off-season losses of players like Otto Porter Jr. who was pivotal in last season’s Playoffs, definitely hurt the Warriors’ defense this year.

It was far more than just injuries and unavailable players that was a detriment to this team. A physical altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole created a negative energy that could be seen at the beginning of the season. Between the drama, injuries, contract discussions and more, it was a perfect storm in a sense, that kept this talented and proven team from claiming the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy once again.

Offense – C

Players like Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are clearly on the top of the list of offensive players for the Warriors and the NBA. The “Splash Brothers” kept their playoff hopes alive but it is a team game. If all of your players are not performing to the best of their abilities, one or two players cannot pick up all of the pieces. Curry in particular is a game changer. When he is on the court, the Warriors are ranked 5th in offensive efficiency, compared to 26th when he is not.

The grade of a C for the Warriors offense comes down to two things in my book: their many late-game collapses, and their turnovers.

They seemed to lose their sense of plays and processes and looked to be shooting haphazardly and taking shots out of desperation instead of playing strategically. This is a top-5 team when it comes to shooting efficiency. When they stray from what they know and do best, it hurts their game and their chances of winning games or series.

As for turnovers, the Warriors were ranked 30th (out of 30 teams). Through just the first two games in round 1 against the Kings, the Warriors turned the ball over a total of 37 times, giving the Kings 41 points from those turnovers compared to only 14 from Golden State.

Defense – C+

The Warriors defense has historically been one of the best in the League, but this season they were lacking. They finished middle of the pack in defensive ranking at 17th. Compared to only twice the entire 2021-22 season, within the first 15 games of this regular season, the Warriors allowed 125 points or more six times.

Another major issue that was present throughout the regular season into the playoffs was rebounding and in turn, second-chance points. Through those same first two games against Sacramento, the Kings scored 41 points on second-chance shots compared to the Warriors’ 27.

Overall – C+

The hunger from the Warriors that we saw last year was seemingly non-existent this season. Head coach Steve Kerr discussed this saying:

“Last year, we came in and we hadn’t made the playoffs in two years, so we couldn’t wait to show everybody that we were still here. You win the championship and there’s just a natural, human nature drop-off. You’re just not as on edge. Combine that with some other factors, injuries and stuff, and we haven’t gotten there yet.”

This organization has a lot of decisions to make this offseason. Rumors are swirling regarding a Draymond Green trade, and a potential departure of General Manager Bob Myers. Myers is a crucial piece to the Warriors dynasty throughout their recent successes, and losing him as the GM could drastically change the direction of this team.

Overall, the reigning Champions and their fans were left wanting this season, and all will be watching closely at how they will respond to their trials and tribulations going into the offseason and their comeback attempt next year.

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Stacey Cumming is a contributor on Back Sports Page. A Graduate from the University of Oregon in Journalism, she has four years of sports reporting experience, including covering the Oregon Ducks, working with NFL Films, and various interview opportunities with Tyler Lockett, Kalenna Azibuike, Jordan Kent, and more. Cumming takes part in various podcasts such as OnSide Take, and Sofa Sports with her father, Roger Cumming. For more on Stacey, follow her on Twitter @StaceyKean. 


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