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Hockey In Literature

Whether you count sports literature as romance or textured autobiographies, there are plenty of options when it comes to books written about the sports we love. If you want to catch up on your “I need to read more” New Year’s resolution that you never follow up on, here are some hockey books to add to your list.

1. The “Down Goes Brown” History of the NHL by Sean McIndoe

My favorite hockey book I’ve ever read this is a fantastic overview of the history of the NHL in a surprisingly fun read. McIndoe goes through the inception of the league, its ups and downs, the expansion era, great rivalries, and plenty of cool facts to impress your hockey friends with (if you have any). A book I love to re-read, there is always something new to learn which makes it no surprise why it’s the first book on this list.

2. The McDavid Effect: Connor McDavid and the New Hope for Hockey by Marty Klinkenberg

What would probably sound like a shocking entry if you know my feelings about Connor McDavid this book was simply amazing. The writing is surprisingly beautiful and reading this book helped me understand McDavid as a person and the pressure on his shoulders and the fans that devote their lives to him and the Oilers. If you’re an Oilers/McDavid hater, I suggest you give this book a read, it might just change your mind.

3. Icebreaker by A.L. Graziadei

“A YA romance hockey book on this list? I’m not 14” you’re probably saying. And hey, neither am I, but this book is one I expected to enjoy and unsurprisingly loved. Following two college hockey players in the most average enemies to lovers plot that is always adorable, Icebreaker is exactly the type of rainy day read we all need sometimes, plus there’s hockey too.

4. Call Me Indian: From the Trauma of Residential School to Becoming the NHL’s First Treaty Indigenous Player by Fred Sasakamoose

If you watched the film, Indian Horse from my previous film article and wanted to learn more about Indigenous players in and roots of hockey, this is the book for you. A textured and fantastic national bestseller autobiography written by Fred Sasakamoose, it is what I believe to be a must-read for any hockey fan.

5. Changing the Game: A History of NHL Expansion by Stephen Laroche

If you read The “Down Goes Brown” History of the NHL, and thought “I want to learn more about the expansion era,” this is the book for you. Personally I didn’t find this one too interesting but can be the perfect book for the right person.

There are plenty of more hockey books that I didn’t cover but these ones are a great place to start if you want to immerse yourself in hockey literature.


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