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It’s Time For Eli Manning To Retire

For the past six years, Eli Manning become the scapegoat of the New York Giants. They complain about him being a statue in the pocket and not quick enough to make plays on the run. But what people aren’t saying is the fact that the offensive line has allowed more sacks in those years than any other team. Whether Manning is “punch drunk” or trying to prove everyone he still got skills, it’s time for him to retire.

Giants’ former vice president of player evaluation, Marc Ross, believes it’s time to move forward and see what they have in their young quarterback.

“I think that’s what you have to do,” Ross said Tuesday morning on the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” show, according to New York Post. “This is where they are right now. Their fortunes are tied to Kyle Lauletta, who was drafted in the fourth round out of Richmond. Wow. This is what they’re really banking on. They can’t get worse. You might as well try something different and see what happens.”

In reality it’s important for a franchise, who has four super bowl trophies, to set the standard. They have made some questionable decisions in the draft that haven’t helped out Manning’s legacy. From 2012 to this season, he’s been sack for 196 times. This is too much for a 37-year-old quarterback. The offensive line is so bad that not even the top tier quarterbacks would survive.

If the Giants have any chance in making their future bright for the next QB, they need to construct a great offensive line. These group of men dictate the chance of winning games than the running backs or wide receivers. Manning isn’t to blame here. He can probably still play in the league for a contender with a good o-line. But it all depends on what he wants to do.

With the Giants at 1-7, it’s safe to say they may bench him. That decision from coach Pat Shurmur would probably make Manning think that it’s better to retire with the Giants than another team.

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