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Kemba Feels Better Than Ever

Despite the insufferable blowout to the New York Knicks, Kemba Walker says he’s more than ready to be on the court with the Boston Celtics. 

“It felt really good to be out there. I almost forgot how it felt to be out there,” says Walker. “I’ll get my rhythm in a matter of time. I’m not in any type of rush. Obviously, I want to play well, but it just doesn’t happen that way sometimes. It doesn’t happen that fast. I’m just going to continue to work hard and get my shots up. My rhythm will come, we have so many more games left.”

During the third quarter verse the Knicks, Walker was taken to the locker room after a clash with Nerlens Noel. Walker later explained he feels fine, just got “the wind knocked” out of him. 

Walker says he’s listening to his body more. In the bubble, Walker didn’t realize his body wasn’t prepared to officially play. He says the time in between the NBA Startup and the 20-21 season “wasn’t really beneficial” for his conditioning. However, he’s relentlessly “attacking” his rehab. Head coach Brad Stetevens commented on Walker’s conditioning. Stevens commends Walker’s strengthening and rehab.

“He’s put in a ton of work. He went full go today for an hour with us,” says Coach Stevens. “We did not go live but we did a lot of up and down, just trying to get our legs back in some ways with guys that haven’t done anything for a week. And he looked good.”

Still under minutes restriction for time on the floor, Walker is sure he will get back to his full strength. Walker says he is “pain-free” and most importantly he is eager to be back.

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