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Miranda Maverick Is “Staying Focused on the Things That Are Important”

‘Fear The’ Maverick ladies and gentlemen. Miranda Maverick made a big splash in her UFC debut by making quick work of Liana Jojua at UFC 254.

The 23 year old from Missouri is as smart as she is talented. There’s a lot on her plate right now as she pursues her doctorate from Old Dominion University while simultaneously chasing her MMA dreams.

As media attention continues to pick up, Maverick is quickly learning how to handle everything.

“Just scheduling and planning ahead, keeping everything written down and organized,” she explained. “I’m just staying focused on the things that are important.”

Not only did Maverick impress the viewers by revealing her intentions of earning her doctorate, but the way in which she imposed her will impressed many also.

“The game-plan was initiated in round one… I didn’t expect it to be finished then,” Maverick told me. “I thought I was gonna have to go through round two and that was when I would be able to get the finish, but it is what it is.”

It is what it is indeed, and what it was performance bonus worthy in many people’s eyes. Maverick fought like a veteran in her inaugural bout. Her game-plan was executed and she inflicted enough damage to her opponent that the doctor called the fight between rounds one and two.

It was a lead elbow right up the middle that split Jojua’s nose right open.

“They keep calling that the lead elbow, but it was the rear elbow,” she confirmed. “Yeah nobody really uses elbows that much and my Muay Thai background has been encouraging that and different things that will hopefully bring some variations to the division.”

Clearly Miranda Maverick sets high goals for herself, and she’s demonstrated determination and dedication in reaching and even surpassing those goals. Her mind is set on obtaining her doctorate while climbing the UFC women’s flyweight rankings.

“Just dreams you know,” she responded when asked what the driving force is behind keeping so busy. “I had goals set for myself when I was a teenager and I try to stick to those, and as I get farther, I set those goals a little higher.”

My guess is that she will rise up the rankings at a rapid pace. I would not be surprised to see Maverick ranked by middle of next year. As of now, it’s up in the air as to when we’ll see her compete again, but chances are it will be by year’s end.

“I’m hoping to be back in early December, but I’m just waiting around to hear for a match-up. So hopefully before 2021.”

Maverick is taking suggestions for next opponents. I’d love to see her match-up with either Alexa Grasso or Sabina Mazo in her next bout.

I’ve already expressed my high praise for the young fighter from the Midwest. She, herself believes she can reach the top in a matter of a couple years.

“I’m hoping in the next two years to make it all the way to the top,” she asserted. “Slowly move my way up the rankings… reach the top-10, which I don’t think is a hard goal at all, and from there go all the way to the top.”

That’s a very feasible goal in my belief. Miranda Maverick is already capable of defeating ranked opponents; despite only having one UFC victory under her belt.

Make sure to keep close attention to when she fights again, because you’re watching a future contender develop right before your eyes.

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