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Monday Night Football: Ravens at Browns. A Win and You Can Feel The Playoffs Live Blog

It’s a wonderful morning. Cold, rainy, a little bit of sleet, and of course the Browns in Prime Time versus their hated rivals, the Baltimore Ravens. If you can’t check scores, or updates, follow this live blog as I will be updating scores, checking big plays, and any other news around this match-up.

Right now the Browns sit at 9-3 and are the fifth seed in the AFC. The Ravens have been tumbling lately and have a record of 7-5. If the Browns were to pull out this win at home they would be 10-3 and tied for the third playoff spot with the Buffalo Bills. A loss by the Browns would obviously hamper their playoff hopes, but they would still sit alone in fourth place in the AFC. A win for the struggling Ravens would be huge, as it would mean they have a playoff spot for now. They would sit at seventh in the AFC.

Be sure to follow the game here, and feel free to interact in the chat. If you want to talk NFL news, Browns, Ravens, or anything around the league just ask a question or make a statement! You can also follow the game from my Twitter account: @BrownlojCLE. We will soon know if it’s a Browns victory Tuesday, or will the Browns come out of week 14, ready to move on to the Giants next weekend.

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