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Nets vs. Bucks: What We’ve Been Waiting For

Now that the semifinals are set to begin for the NBA playoffs, let’s dive into one of the premiere matchups. The Brooklyn Nets vs. the Milwaukee Bucks.

For the past few season the Bucks have been at least mentioned in conversations about championship contention, and rightly so. Two of the last three years they have finished as the one seed in the East, have had a top-10 ranked offense and defense. Also, Giannis Antetokounmpo has won MVP two of the last three years.

The Nets are “new money” as some might say. Since Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signed to the Nets in the summer of 2019 a lot of eyes have been on this franchise by those who were curious to see how far they could go.

In KD’s first year in Brooklyn he was nursing a torn Achilles, so essentially that was a practice run. The Nets got swept in the first round (in the bubble) by the defending champion Toronto Raptors. This year with a healthy KD and Kyrie more eyes were on Brooklyn from media day and onward. Then a few weeks into the season former MVP, James Harden, joined the team to create a big 3.

You probably can guess what’s next, more eyes. Correct. Ever since this trade happened mid-January this team has had the league’s best offense for the bulk of the season. Funnily enough though, because of injuries and COVID health and safety protocols, the big 3 only played eight games together this regular season. So, imagine how dangerous they can be in the playoffs while all healthy.

The Boston Celtics had to endure the repercussions of that in the first round. They were gentlemen swept 4-1.

The Bucks held their own in the first round as well, sweeping the Eastern Conference champions from a year ago, the Miami Heat.

So that’s part of what makes this matchup so exciting. Firstly, both teams dominated in the conference quarterfinals. Secondly, it’s Brooklyn’s 1st ranked offense going against Milwaukee’s 10th ranked defense.

Statistically it’s been a pretty close matchup, despite the Bucks winning two out of the three times they’ve played each other this season.

In the three meetings Brooklyn has averaged 119 PPG, 49 RPG, 21.6 APG, 48.7% FG and 45.1% 3FG.

Milwaukee has averaged 121.3 PPG, 49.6 RPG, 21 APG, 45.9% FG and 35.7% 3FG.

One thing that’s worth noting though is that Milwaukee has only seen 2/3 of the big 3 at a time. They have yet to face all three of Brooklyn’s superstars this season.

This Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET though, that changes.

Who’s your pick to take Game 1?

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