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Off Topic Interview with Giants Center Jon Halapio

Giants Center Jon Halapio talks camp, offensive line bashing, his chance to finally find a home on football, his reaction on seeing himself in Madden, what games he plays and much more. Recorded at Training camp. on 8/12.

Back Sports Page owner Randy Zellea recently sat down with Center John Halapio to discuss his career and his off season fun. A lot of people think they the players eat, sleep and breathe football but that is not the case.

John opened up about his free time of love of video games as he openly admitted that Fort Night is a very addictive game for him and his family. “I Love being able to just relax and shut off the world and sit back and play video games. Its a lot of fun and relaxing.”

When asked about seeing himself in Madden 2019, Halapio stated  “It’s cool but i’m an O- line guy its cooler if you were a running back and or a QB. Still make myself in the game though and still as fun.”

Halapio discussed the stress of training camp. “After what I have been through being cut from multiple teams and knowing it could come at any point, I know to always play with a chip on my shoulder because I had life without football.”

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