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Oh Cam

I get it – Cam Newton said something stupid and looked like an ass doing it. But do I find him a monster and sexist pig and someone to condemn forever – that would be a negative. Look folks as a woman who is not only a sports fan but who hosts her own show; I’ve had my share of sexist comments thrown my way. Or sometimes comments by men who don’t mean to sound sexist not realizing how offensive their comments really are – because they truly don’t know any better.

See that’s the culture we live in and the sports world is guilty of perpetuating this attitude. I found it hypocritical for the NFL to come out and condemn Cam’s statements. Really NFL?

Outside of wearing pink in October for breast cancer awareness month, making jersey’s to fit a woman’s body and hiring a few more women after the Ray Rice incident what exactly are you doing to combat the sexist culture? Maybe if we had more female reporters in the booth (not just on the sidelines) and female GM’s, coaches and more referees and women in the NFL who can hire other women then it wouldn’t be so funny to laugh at a female reporter doing her job asking a question.

The attitude did not start with Cam Newton – remember…

· Drunk Joe Namath trying to kiss reporter Suzy Kolber

· ESPN host Tony Kornheiser talking about fellow sportscaster Hannah Storm’s outfit saying “”Hannah Storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. She’s got on red go-go boots and a Catholic school plaid skirt…way too short for somebody in her 40s or maybe early 50s”

· Clinton Portis and the countless men who have made comments about women in the locker room.

Some just can’t wrap their heads around a woman liking sports and being a sports fan. Which is funny to me because I’ve known men who don’t care for sports and those in the sports broadcasting industry – there not all brilliant. Most have someone in their ear telling them the stats and the argument that you have to have played the sport to talk about it is straight bull****. What if we started saying women are better parents because they gave birth to the child – yeah it would not go over well – you get my point.

The bottom line if more women were out there working in the sports world – it would not be a shocker to hear a woman talk about sports and ask sports questions. But I guess we need those men to hire us.

Some advice for Cam the next time you want to say something stupid about women remember it’s also funny to watch a quarterback wear women’s leggings too his press conferences from time to time.

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