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Prelude to Clash at the Castle

            Let me start with a recap before I cover this event. I genuinely don’t believe that Roman Reigns is worthy of being called the “High King” / “Tribal Chief.” Granted, there always should be a strategy to take down your opponent. But when he gets his family involved in matches, it only demonstrates that he can’t win a game alone. Sami Zayn is doing his damnedest to be a part of “The Bloodline.” But when he calls in favors to help him win his matches, there is serious speculation about his qualifications to be a viable contender. This plot occurred on the “Friday Night Smackdown” on August 26, 2022.

            Sami Zayn was to have a match with Drew McIntyre that night, but most importantly, McIntyre was to fight Roman Reigns for the title and possibly take a belt away. The credibility of Reigns and Zayn leaves a lot to be desired. As a child, I fought my own battles, but I question it when it comes to this sport. The USOs and Roman Reigns have no business interfering in Sami Zayn’s match with Drew McIntyre. Although, you can set a watch by how they constantly put their two cents in where it isn’t wanted. Their strategy is to wear down McIntyre before “Clash at the Castle.”
In the end, the USOs double-teamed McIntire before Roman Reigns pummeled him. By everything was said and done, Drew McIntyre sprawled out, flat on his back, while Reigns put his steel chair on top of McIntyre so he couldn’t move.

          Next, reigns and The USOs introduce steel folding chairs to inflict more damage. Reigns seem to think that the WWE revolves around him, but it doesn’t. Granted, he does draw a great crowd, but also, he has hidden enemies that want to usurp him from his thrown. Time will run out on ‘The USOs” before they get ambushed too!
Roman Reigns over over-inflated needs to be deflated by a pin.

          Surprisingly, I caught Monday Night Raw, and Kevin Owens has become out of the equation. Monday Night Raw is Kevin Owen’s show, so he claims. When the USOs tried to throw their weight around Owens and strut down the ramp to confront them. Owens tells Zayn how disappointed he is that Zayn should take in the mirror and see what everybody else sees. How he has lowered to standards to be an underling to the “Bloodline.”.” ens tosses his microphone and challenges Jey Uso on the spot to a grudge match to settle unfinished business. Owens seems to be a worthy contender To give Jey an attitude adjustment. One thing leads to another, and Owens bashes Jey Uso into the metal stairs. Jey took Kevin Owens for granted with his ability to thrash him. Jey clutches his arm and is injured. Jey comes back swinging and flings Owens into the corner. Jey gets clobbered by Owens’s signature move, “The cannonball.

          ” Jey lands a super kick on Owens’s chin and slams him onto the top of the metal stairs. Both are on the top rope, and Owens performs a perfect reversal and crashes Jey onto the Square ring. It turns into a slugfest between the two, blow for blow. Owens dives off the top rope onto Jey Uso! He escapes! Jey climbs to the top rope once again to execute “The splash” onto Owens! Jey and Jimmy receive a Super-kick from Owens, and he floors them. Owens is distracted by Zayn, and Jey jumps over the top rope onto Owens! Jimmy distracts the referee while Jey pushes Owen’s neck against the middle rope. Zayn quickly picks up a metal chair and uses it on Owens. The referee heads back to the action to see Owens on the ropes. The referee catches Zayn and warns him about using the metal chair, and Jimmy comes over and scolds Zayn about the missed opportunity. Owens does a reversal DDT on Jey and slams him onto the canvas! Zayn and Owens had been friends and are fellow Canadians for a while and chose not to go through. Owens frees himself and ends up pinning Jey Uso!
How Roman Reigns will react to this turnover remains to be seen. It looks like a slap in the face to the Tribal Chief!

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