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Professional Women In Sports: Behind the Scene with CC Carnie.

Working in a male dominated sports industry, it’s not everyday that women are acknowledged for their part in what they do. From agents to PR, many women are hard at working towards building their names, as well as the players we see on the field.

We had the pleasure of speaking with household name CC Carnie, Founder and President of Conversion Sports & Entertainment. Passionate, Driven & a real go-getter. She is completely dedicated to making sure who she works with and what she does is greatly appreciated.

Starting in entertainment, CC was a DJ in college. She made her connections through music, and being around the right people. She was always on point with the most recent of artists and up to date sounds broadcasted on college radio. After college, she moved to new york & started her new beginning.

She explains “it’s all about who you know.” She was connected, and very well respected and started having events of her own catered to the NFL draft. She later started her own company, Conversion Sports and Entertainment in 2008.

Natural entrepuneral spirit, that guided her. The reality of owning a company scared her, but didn’t stop her from being successful. “I had confidence in myself. With tremendous work ethic.” The freedom of being your own woman. Having the ability to determine your own worth. Big on women empowerment, she encourages any female to work to following their dreams.

Being in sports, shes passionate about creating and maintaining relationships for her clients as well. Having different opportunities and being the jack of all trades, helps always. She is a maven in the art of connecting and establishing relationships. Helping people to be themselves and show exactly who they are. “You become more than just a publicist. You become your clients friend.” “It’s important getting to know your client. Helps you to Target pitching. ” While staying true to you are takes you a long way, CC continues to prove it.

Inspiration to being focused, connected, and involved TOGETHER, she continues to show true sportsmanship to everyone. It’s more than just the player we see on the field it’s knowing who they are that is important.

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