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Quarterback Controversy in Dallas?

On Monday, the Dallas Cowboys signed ex-Cincinnati starting quarterback and three time Pro-Bowler Andy Dalton. The Red Rifle has come home after a 9-year stint with the Bengals. Dalton grew up in Katy, Texas and played in college for the TCU Horned Frogs, whose campus is less than half-an-hour away from Jerryworld.

Of course, this news caused a great many people to think that the Cowboys were trying to scare Dak Prescott into signing a new contract with the team. But as the dust has started to settle on this Dalton signing, no new deal seems to have appeared on the horizon for Prescott.

Dalton signed a one year, $3 million contract with Dallas with the opportunity to earn up to $7 million in incentives. The great thing for the Cowboys, though, is that in order for Dalton to make all $7 million, some wild and crazy things have to happen. Firstly, for Dalton to make even a cent more than the $3 million he is already guaranteed, he will have to play the equivalent of 8 regular season games and ALSO play the majority of snaps in the playoffs. Any way you put it, that is a fantastic deal for Jerry Jones and company. They are getting a nine-year veteran with playoff experience under his belt as a backup this year, and they probably will not have to pay him more than $3 million.

Dalton’s role on the Cowboys this year will most likely boil down to mop-up duty if the team is winning big. To Dalton, Dallas is probably just going to be a pit-stop on his NFL journey. He wants to show teams what he can do, and what better place to do it than Dallas? With a running back who has finished first overall in rushing twice during his four year career, a consistently elite offensive line, and an already good wide receiving corps that just drafted CeeDee Lamb in the first round, it is understandable that Dalton would want to showcase his talent in Dallas. Dalton will use this year in Dallas as a stepping stone to another NFL roster, one where he is the starter, not the backup.

Bottom line, there is not a quarterback controversy in Dallas. Both parties are using each other to further themselves before departing after this season comes to a close. Dalton will get to showcase his abilities with an elite offense around him every once-in-awhile, and the Cowboys get probably the best backup in the league in case something happens to Dak Prescott. Although, that is not to say that some drama will not unfold during the season if Prescott begins to struggle. If that happens, hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen and prepare for a tidal wave of quarterback controversy stories.

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