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CC Sabathia hosts Players Alliance charity event in the Bronx

CC Sabathia teamed up with the Players Alliance to hold the first pop-up pantry tour stop in the Bronx on Tuesday afternoon.

CC Sabathia and Dellin Betances pass out supplies with Players Alliance

CC Sabathia teamed up with the Players Alliance to hold the first pop-up pantry tour stop in the Bronx on Tuesday afternoon.

CC Sabathia has always gone above and beyond to give back to the community. And he did so again on Tuesday afternoon alongside former teammate Dellin Betances, participating in the first stop of the Players Alliance “Pull Up Neighbor” tour.

At the event, volunteers passed out meal vouchers, Covid-19 essentials, and baseball gear for the children.

And local residents could not have been more thankful. One resident stressed the importance of this event, stating “some people just really don’t have lysol and (sanitizing) spray. We can’t get them and some people can’t afford them. And people may get the food but then they can’t get the toiletries to clean up with because people are out of work right now and losing their apartments right now. So it’s a bad situation we’re in. It’ll help them out a lot.”

And that underlines why these events are so essential to the community, especially in 2020. With unemployment hitting record highs due to the Covid-19 crisis, it’s borderline impossible to acquire the absolute necessities. People are struggling just to put food on the table, let alone guard against a global pandemic as well as possible. This event ensures that residents will be able to get fresh meals and protect themselves in a time when having hand sanitizer could be the difference between health and Covid-19.

And for Sabathia, the struggle is personal. Speaking to reporters, Sabathia said “You know I grew up in the inner city like this. I grew up in the hood so I understand what it is. So to be able to be out here and be a person is great. To be able to be out with everyone giving back means a lot.”

Another resident stated them importance of high profile athletes going out of their way to help the community. “This is awesome” he said, just after his son received new baseball equipment from Sabathia. “To see people come out like this, the players, and give back to the community is awesome.”

Dellin Betances recognizes the value of giving back as well. As a New York native, he holds a special connection to the people of the city. “It’s always important” Betances said. “For us athletes, we try to use the platform as best we can. We have the Players Alliance doing this throughout the country and I’m excited to be a part of it and give back to the community.”

This event is the first of 33 scheduled events across the country. A litany of high-profile players will be in attendance in the various cities throughout the off-season. Hopefully, the dedication of these players will give those communities the same relief that Sabathia’s first event gave the Bronx. For more information about when this event may come to your area, visit the Players Alliance website here.

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