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Sam Darnold On Course To Become Rookie Of The Year

New York Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold continues to show the league why he can possibly be a franchise player. As the 21-year-old made plays in key situations, he shows no fear or emotions after that one interception. Rookie quarterbacks don’t really have poise until two or three years into the league, when they see every scenario. But this combined with what he has thus far and beating the Indianapolis Colts 42-34, it puts him in the discussion for Rookie of the Year.

“We know that we’re gonna attack the defense ’til the clock goes down to zero,” Darnold said according to the New York Post. “So we’re just gonna stay in attack mode and continue to play that way.”

Has anyone heard Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith say that in the past few years? Absolutely not. Also the coaches in the past never put faith in them because they always had a conservative approach. It’s the same old formula of play great defense and manage the offense. Over the past few seasons, this particular formula hasn’t favored the Jets at all. Think about the teams who won the Super Bowl of this decade. New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Most of them, other than Denver who played great defense, won because of their offense. They continue to attack because at the end of the day a franchise quarterback makes the difference in winning Super Bowls. Offensive determines if a team has a chance to win or lose due to turnovers. Darnold is making Jet fans believe in not being shy at the moment. He has nine touchdowns and seven interceptions throwing for 1,346 yards. He is close to throwing 60 percent of his passes to “B” receivers with a poor offensive line. Sanchez or Smith couldn’t even do that because they “A” level pieces. Darnold is just on another level.

His teammates praise him so much that they know the future is bright. Sitting at 3-3, anything is possible with this team. The former USC quarterback leads all rookies in touchdowns and passing yards. Right now he would be Rookie of the Year because of the stats and record. Darnold will still make mistakes but won’t change his attitude each game. They will continue to attack, attack, attack, and attack until the game is over.

The Jets should be excited about Darnold growing at this rate. He may not only win that award but maybe become an MVP for the first time in franchise history.

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