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Saquon Barkley Ready To Take On The Bears Defense

Despite a heartbreaking loss against the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants are focus on the next game. The season may be over but mathematically they have a chance of winning the division. It’s gonna be tough against a tough Chicago Bears squad with a great defense. Khalil Mack is a game changer that can disrupt their offense, and Saquon Barkley is ready for that challenge.

“The only thing I can really say is he’s as good as advertised,” said Barkley. “He can pass rush, he can do it all. He’s a versatile defensive player. It’s going to be exciting to go against him and see what I got against a guy like that and see what we got against a guy like that and a defense like that. But we believe in our coaches, we believe in ourselves and especially on the offensive side of the ball and that we’re going to put ourselves in the right positions to make plays.”

Barkley finished last week with two touchdowns in total, rushing for 107 yards and receiving for seven yards. He had a lot of touches in the first half, which led to their early success. But in the second half, he was limited and didn’t get the ball. For some reason the coaches decided to have Eli Manning pass more than run the ball with their star running back.

Coach Pat Shurmur was questioned about that and defended his gameplan. Odell Beckham Jr. was surprised that the gameplan didn’t have any attention to detail on attacking the Eagles’ weak secondary. Manning tried and failed, but Barkley still believes in what they do. Despite not being talkative and trying to demand the ball more, the rookie star running back knows it’s not his call and wants to the next five games as a team.

“I try not to do that because you believe in what your coaches are going to call,” said Barkley. “Like I said, after the game, everyone wants to be the coach and everyone thinks they know what should be called in that situation or how we should do this or we should do that. They’re there for a reason so I just believe in those guys and they’ve been putting me in position to do well and everyone has been loving it or hyping me up like ‘oh rookie this, rookie that.’ It starts with the team, starts with the offensive line, but also starts with the coaches putting me in position to make plays and I think they’ve been doing that not only with myself, but with everyone on this team this year.”

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