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Stephen Curry And Kevin Durant Are NBA’s Best Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duos are always the driving force of the NBA. Whether it’s Magic and Kareem, Bird and McHale, Jordan and Pippen, and even James and Wade, they were great in their time. In today’s game, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant are the best dynamic duo in the NBA, and even Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr sees that.

“The continuity of being together now for a while, winning back-to-back titles together, I think there’s probably a better comfort zone, comfort area between the two of them than there’s ever been,” said Kerr according to Sporting News.

It’s true that in two years these two superstars have finally found chemistry at an unbelievable level. Both are top five scorers and MVP candidates. Both can shoot the ball anywhere on the court and can make plays to their teammates. The amount of attention they draw against defenders is better than other stars.

Curry is a freak of nature when it comes to making three point shots. They look like demoralizing dunks that suck the life out of an opponent’s confidence. For Durant, it’s such a tough task to guard a 7 foot player with ball handling skills as a point guard. He can get to the rim at ease, pull up from 30 and make difficult, difficult shots. Sometimes it’s not fair for the other teams since he can kick out to Curry, Klay Thompson and other shooters on the team.

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