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The Rundown 121319: Stern Hospitalized, NBA Ticket Prices, Cavs Auditioning for Trade(s)

Joel Embiid went Beast Mode, Carmelo Anthony loses in Denver, Luka Doncic notches another triple double in Mexico City, and Kevin Love puts up numbers that Blazers fans would love.

Prayers up

Please keep former NBA Commissioner David Stern in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes and recovers from surgery for a brain hemorrhage. Stern was at a Manhattan restaurant when he suffered the malady and was rushed to the hospital.


That’s the ticket …

Yesterday, I wrote about how streaming media and multiple devices may have cut into the actual attendance of NBA games.

One of the reasons for making the entertainment of an NBA game so readily available for fans is because not every NBA fan can afford the ticket costs to attend said games. Truly, Adam Silver is reaching out to a broader audience than decades past.

As in, everyone.

But as someone who has had full access with a media credential for the last 20 years (in January), you lose touch with what people are paying to get a glimpse of their favorite NBA stars and why people get so upset at ‘load management’ when they’ve shelled out most of their bonus or tax refund to see the star players in something other than street clothes.

Here’s why people may be turning to social media, handhelds, and portable devices instead of living the full NBA experience – courtside seat costs and average ticket prices in each market:

Atlanta Hawks$450$37
Boston Celtics$1,200$66
Brooklyn Nets$475 – 1,250$66
Charlotte Hornets$1,480$31
Chicago Bulls$1,000$82
Cleveland Cavaliers$2,500$48
Dallas Mavericks$200$50
Denver Nuggets$475$52
Detroit Pistons$395 – 720$31
Golden State Warriors$1,300$80
Houston Rockets$1,095+$67
Indiana Pacers$600$39
Los Angeles Clippers$1,000 – 3,000$80
Los Angeles Lakers$1,785+$103
Memphis Grizzlies$735$31
Miami Heat$900$77
Milwaukee Bucks$1,350$50
Minnesota Timberwolves$1,000+$37
New Orleans Pelicans$1,235$30
New York Knicks$2,500 – 3,600$129
Oklahoma City Thunder$1,450+$55
Orlando Magic$1,300$39
Philadelphia 76ers$1,300$38
Phoenix Suns$400$56
Portland Trailblazers$780+$53
Sacramento Kings$1,170$48
San Antonio Spurs$550 – 1,000$55
Toronto Raptors$500 – 1,600$48
Utah Jazz$1,300$43
Washington Wizards$1,280$51

(Sources: and

I’d like to thank my good buddy Jeff Marcussen and the Phoenix Suns for always (and still) providing one of the most affordable experiences in the NBA. Atlanta, thank you as well.

As a fan, with these prices, would this prohibit you from enveloping yourself and your family in the NBA experience? Or do they keep you away, watching on your smartphone, tablet or iMac?



Philadelphia 76ers  115
Boston Celtics  109

Joel Embiid dropped 16 points in the fourth quarter last night in Beantown to keep the Boston Celtics at arm’s length in the Eastern Conference. Philadelphia is third, and Boston is fourth. The big man also hit five of six free throws down the stretch and his lone block of the game saved the game in the waning seconds.

SIXERS (19-7)CELTICS (17-7)
Joel Embiid
38 points – 13 rebounds – six assists – one block
Kemba Walker
29 points – one rebound – eight assists – one block
#VFL Tobias Harris
23 points – eight rebounds – seven assists – one steal – two blocks
Enes Kanter
20 points – nine rebounds – two steals – two blocks
#VFL Josh Richardson
14 points – two rebounds – two assists – two steals – two blocks
Gordon Hayward
19 points – four rebounds – five assists – one steal – one block

Sixers at Pelicans – Tonight
Celtics at Mavericks – Wednesday


Cleveland Cavaliers  117
San Antonio Spurs  109 (OT)

The Cleveland Cavaliers found the success to winning games and snapping an eight game losing streak: make everyone but Darius Garland available in trade, and they’ll start working their butts off to audition every game going forward. Kevin Love, Collin Sexton, and Jordan Clarkson sure took notice of Koby Altman’s edict, as they led the Cavs to an overtime win against the San Antonio Question Marks. Just when you thought the Spurs were on the right track, they’re on life support again. Watch for DeMar DeRozan’s name to be bandied about in trade rumors as well.

CAVALIERS (6-19)SPURS (9-15)
Kevin Love
30 points – 17 rebounds – two assists
DeMar DeRozan
21 points – four rebounds – four assists – two steals
Collin Sexton
28 points – two rebounds – two assists – one steal
LaMarcus Aldridge
18 points – 10 rebounds – three assists – one block
Jordan Clarkson
25 points – four rebounds – three assists – one steal
Derrick White
17 points – four rebounds – two assists – one steal

Cavaliers at Bucks – Saturday
Suns at Spurs – Saturday (Mexico City)


Dallas Mavericks  122
Detroit Pistons 111

Al menos uno de los hermanos Curry está teniendo una buena temporada. Anoche, en la Ciudad de México, Seth Curry tuvo una temporada alta de 30 puntos desde el banco y asistió a otra triple actuación doble de Luka Doncic mientras los Mavericks frenaban a los Detroit Pistons. Derrick “Esto es lo que hago” Rose solo tuvo 19 cuando Andre Drummond lideró a los Pistons en puntos y rebotes. Es el octavo doble doble de la temporada de Doncic, y su segundo con 40 puntos o más, lo que lo convierte en el más joven en tener dos o más antes de cumplir 21 años. Él cumple años el 28 de febrero.

At least one of the Curry brothers is having a good season. Last night, in Mexico City, Seth Curry had a season high 30 points off the bench and assisted another Luka Doncic triple double performance as the Mavericks beat the brakes off of the Detroit Pistons. Derrick “This is what I do” Rose only had 19 as Andre Drummond led the Pistons in points and rebounds. It is Doncic’s eighth triple double of the season, and his second with 40 points or more, making him the youngest to have two or more before turning 21 years old. He has that birthday on February 28th.

Luka Doncic
41 points – 12 rebounds – 11 assists
Andre Drummond
23 points – 15 rebounds – one assist – three steals – one block
Seth Curry
30 points – seven rebounds – four assists – two steals
Derrick Rose
19 points – four assists – two steals
Kristaps Porzingis
20 points – eight rebounds – one assist – three blocks
Markieff Morris
16 points – three rebounds – one assist

Heat at Mavericks – Saturday
Pistons at Rockets – Saturday


Portland Trailblazers  99
Denver Nuggets  114

In another stop on the ‘Carmelo Anthony Used to Play Here’ Tour, the Portland Trailblazers came up woefully short against a team that needed a springboard to get out of their own recent funk. The Denver Nuggets outscored the Blazers in every quarter to give themselves a comfortable enough lead for Nikola Jokic to take (and make) a late game three pointer. Denver needed this one as they had lost five of their last six games coming off an Eastern Conference road trip. Hassan Whiteside scored a career high 33 points in vain for the Blazers.

BLAZERS (10-16)NUGGETS (15-8)
Hassan Whiteside
33 points – 11 rebounds – two assists – four blocks
Nikola Jokic
20 points – 11 rebounds – six assists
Carmelo Anthony
20 points – nine rebounds – two assists – two steals
Jerami Grant
20 points – five rebounds – two steals
C.J. McCollum
15 points – two rebounds – two assists
Will Barton
15 points – 11 rebounds – four assists – one steal

Thunder at Nuggets – Saturday
Blazers at Suns – Monday


Houston Rockets at Orlando Magic – 7 p.m. EST – AT&T SportsNet Southwest
New Orleans Pelicans at Philadelphia 76ers – 7 p.m. EST – NBC Sports Philadelphia
Los Angeles Lakers at Miami Heat – 7 p.m. EST – ESPN
Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks – 7:30 p.m. EST – Fox Sports Midwest-Indiana
Charlotte Hornets at Chicago Bulls – 8 p.m. EST – NBC Sports Chicago
Milwaukee Bucks at Memphis Grizzlies – 8 p.m. EST – Fox Sports Southeast
Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz – 9 p.m. EST – ESPN
Los Angeles Clippers at Minnesota Timberwolves – 9:30 p.m. EST – FSN Prime Ticket
New York Knicks at Sacramento Kings – 10 p.m. EST – NBC Sports California


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He has written the NBA for the last two decades and is also tackling the NFL, NCAA, and pinch-hitting on some Major League Baseball coverage for BackSportsPage.
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