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Todd Bowles Era In New York Coming To A Close

When the New York Jets take a beatdown from the Buffalo Bills and lose 41-10, questions start to surface. How can they get destroyed by the worst offense in the league? Was there any effort on defense? Why does the offense stink even with Josh McCown? These are the questions that Todd Bowles needs to answer before his time as coach in New York comes to an end.

“I don’t talk about my job status,” Bowles said according to Newsday. “But we know we get paid in this league, and we’re in this league to win football games. We’re 3-7, so we just got to do a better job.”

They definitely need to do a better job as coaches to come prepared even against a bad team. In the NFL teams can get up for one day and beat anyone out of nowhere. The Bills were that group and literally sucked the life out of Metlife Stadium in the first half. An offense combined for 46 points in their previous six put 41 on the Jets defense. A defense in which people thought would be one of the best in the league, and now looks awful.

They had a gameplan and couldn’t even adjust to their opponent. The players try to show effort but it wasn’t enough. The reflection of the coach didn’t show and it looks bad for those on the team that may not be part of the future. McCown doesn’t expect a coaching change but anything is possible in this league when Bowles has completely loss the team.

“We weren’t anticipating that,” he said according to ESPN. “We love playing for him and we expect to play hard for him every chance we get to go out there. I don’t think that was on our mind or an option. I’m excited about playing for him and it’s on us to go out and execute the plans that are given to us.”

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