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UFC 261’s Main Event Conundrum

Saturday April 21st should be a new beginning for the UFC. For the first time in more than a year, the UFC will have a full capacity crowd. 

The event’s a huge step for normalcy; however, that feeling feels a bit underwhelming. The main event features a great champion and a superstar, yet the bout is not as enticing as the first go around. 

The conundrum lies within the booking of the main event. It’s hard to argue against booking one of MMA’s biggest stars in the main event in front of a sold out crowd. However, as an immediate rematch of a dominant loss, some question its legitimacy. 

Some believe Colby Covington deserves a rematch himself. His loss to Usman was in the last round after a hard-fought, even four rounds. Unlike Masvidal, he bounced back with a dominant win over Tyron Woodley. 

Others simply believe Masvidal earned this opportunity because of his name value. Without it, UFC 261’s main event would be much different. 

Even if that were the case, Masvidal’s inclusion makes sense. There’s been an intense rivalry between Masvidal and Usman that makes this fight compelling. Also, although the first fight was one-sided, one could argue that Masvidal was not 100%. 

By taking the fight with one week to prepare, Masvidal went in completely unprepared. Now, however, Masvidal and Usman are both fully prepared with full training camps. 

Masvidal may not be the true number one contender; he still has Gilbert Burns, Covington and Leon Edwards above him in the rankings. 

Still, the fight is as intriguing as any main event. Usman’s strengths are known and his path to victory is clear as is Masvidal’s path. Thus, the conundrum of the main event makes it both compelling and questionable, yet still unmissable.

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