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Warriors Announce Oakland Themed Jerseys: A Long Overdue Tribute

Last Monday, the Golden State Warriors announced the “Oakland Forever” edition of their City Jerseys. A homage to the city of Oakland, the jersey resembles that of the ‘We Believe’ Warriors squad that became the third eight seed to ever upset a number one seed in the 2006-2007 NBA season. 

This isn’t the first time the Warriors have paid homage to the city of Oakland or the infamous ‘07 squad. The Warriors have rocked ‘The Town’ (as opposed to San Francisco, referred to as ‘The City’) jerseys for the last three seasons, proudly sporting Oakland’s emblematic Oak Tree. Additionally, in their last regular season game in Oracle Arena, the Dubs surprised fans by wearing the home variant of the ‘We Believe’ jerseys, alongside hosting a night to honor the playoff run

However, these jerseys bear an important first. Though they’ve played in the Bay Area for over 50 years, 47 of which were in the East Bay, this is the first time ever that Oakland’s name will appear on the Warriors’ jerseys. They have historically distanced themselves from the Oakland label (there is a very deliberate reason they were never the Oakland Warriors), and East Bay fans have to feel a little stung realizing that they were only recognized after the Warriors hopped across the bay for the bright lights of San Francisco. Still, these jerseys should go a long way in assuring Dubs fans in Oakland that they aren’t left behind–though perhaps, not as long as paying the City of Oakland the 40 million dollars they owe

Still, this jersey poses some important aesthetic questions. First, I can’t believe that the orange and yellow would mesh well with the Chase Center’s usual blue and gold setup. The Warriors did construct several alternate courts last year, so the Oakland Forever Jersey may very well be paired with a custom hardwood floor. Additionally, if you were paying close attention to the art design of the announcement, you would have noticed a motif of lightning bolts in the background. If you’re like me, your inner six year-old began to freak out…could this mean that Thunder is returning to the Warriors Universe?

Good lord. If this happens, the Warriors could draft my 72 year-old grandmother (though she doesn’t look a day over 40) with their lottery pick and I’d still be thrilled. Thunder aside, I’m just happy I get to be nostalgic over the team that made me fall in love with basketball. 14 years later, We still Believe.

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