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Why Cubs Fans Should Be Happy

Despite having a 28-45 record and most likely missing the playoffs, there are some reasons why Cubs fans should be happy about the season. So, here is a list of five reasons why cubs fans should like this and the next season.

1. Willson Contreras and Christopher Morel are keeping the offense alive.

While most fans were patiently awaiting the arrival of Japanese star Seiya Suzuki, nobody thought about Morel who has basically took his place while on the injured list. He has an OBP of over .300 and has got to become the new leadoff hitter for the team. For a rookie to achieve that is absolutely something to be happy about. Willson Contreras has also kept up a great OBP during the season at over .350. He is also third on the team in homers with 12.  It is easy for the fans to say the team is struggling because of their offense, but the statistics are not as bad as people think. Check the other batting stats here.

2. The Defense Is Still Great

While only three players that were on the 2016 roster are still here, the defense has been good since. Contreras has kept his great defense and still has a cannon for an arm. Although Heyward is still not putting up the offensive numbers has shown why he still plays with great defense in right field. With the core gone, Patrick Wisdom, Nico Hoerner, and Frank Schwindel have both done great jobs defensively and offensively. So, Cubs fans should be happy that the team on paper looks like it could turn into something great in a few years. It is time to move on for fans and look forward to the future.

3. There Can Be Improvements Made

Although the season seems like it has ended, the trade deadline is around the corner. Jed Hoyer can still make some trades to add some new talent or prospects. Also, there are a lot of players on the injured list so they can potentially make an impact. The biggest improvement is when Suzuki comes back and a few pitchers as well. At least then, fans can see the whole product and judge where the cubs need the pieces for the upcoming season. Additionally, after the trade deadline, the new pieces can show fans a sign of the team going in a positive direction even if the record is not. Overall, the fans should be patient before judging the teams picture.

4. A Losing Season Is Worth It

Going off of the last point, the losing seasons are temporary until the team develops into a world series champion one. Before 2016, a lot of Cubs seasons were negative but it led to drafting players like Kyle Schwarber and Kris Bryant. The next draft can give the Cubs another player that gets them closer to a world series. Also, without worrying about the playoffs, players like Morel and Matt Swarmer to get a chance to play in the big leagues. So, losing is a part of the process that leads to success in the long run.

5. The Farm Has Some Great Talent9 ava

If fans want to see progress, look at the Iowa Cubs or Tennessee Smokies. The Iowa Cubs have the 16th best prospect in Brennan Davis who awaits his first start. Also, in the South Bend, Pete Crowe-Armstrong has gotten attention from some fans with his .417 batting average. When both get to the big leagues, they can make for a power outfield duo. Another prospect in the top 100 is Christian Hernandez who is sporting a .289 average with the ACL Cubs. So, while the big league team is not impressing fans, the prospect should make them hopeful for the future.

Fans should be disappointed if they believe their team is not playing well or not moving in the right direction. But they should be happy with what they have despite a bad record. So, Cubs fans should wait and see if there will be another 100 plus year drought or get another in the near future.

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