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Euro 2020 (2021?) Preview

Back Sports Page presents a new podcast special. With the European Championship being pushed to this summer, JB and Michael will be doing a preview of the worldwide phenomenon. Okay, really just the European phenomenon. After France won the 2018 World Cup they come in as favorites. However, with England hosting, and Gareth Southgate’s strong squad selection, the English will be tough to beat. We answer all the questions, who comes out of the Group of Death? What tiny country will shock the world this year? And it sucks that Iceland didn’t make it. Be sure to tune in at 2 PM EST/11AM PST for our preview. We will be doing a weekly broadcast to go over some of the matches we watched and just talk soccer. It’s going to be a very exciting tournament, so be sure to tune in. Even if you don’t think you like soccer, the Euros are a great way to watch some of the absolute best players in the world, put on their country’s jersey. Oh, and we also quickly discuss how the USMNT dominated Mexico on Sunday night. Let’s Go!

Michael and I will be doing a weekly show during the tournament to discuss the week’s match-ups as well as future match-ups. We will also talk about the Golden Boot Award. Finally we will be checking in on the English (England) Media and how they are feeling about the English National Team. Let’s just say, if England doesn’t make a good run this summer, Gereth Southgate could be looking for a new job.

On top of everything else, for those of you out there who maybe don’t know about the game of soccer, or if you do, and would like to dabble in a bit of gambling, we will be giving out picks for every game!

Italy vs Turkey (3:00 PM ET, Friday June 11th, ESPN)

Michael’s Pick: Well since Michael is riding the Italians all the way to the finals, he thinks the Italians will breeze by Turkey 2-0 (ITA -1)

My Pick: The Italians are very good, but this isn’t the same group that won the world cup in 2006. Still, the Italians will win, but not before getting a bit of a scare from Turkey. Italy 2-1 (ITA -1)

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