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Breaking News: Mets and Cleveland Baseball Team Finalizing a Deal to Send Indians SS Francisco Lindor to New York

Jeff Passan of ESPN reported about five minutes ago that the Cleveland Baseball Team and the New York Mets are finalizing a deal that would send Cleveland superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor to New York. According to early reports this is the full trade:

Mets Acquire: SS Francisco Lindor and P Carlos Carrasco

Cleveland Acquires: SS Amed Rosario, SS Andres Giminez, P Josh Wolf, and OF Isaiah Greene.

Josh Wolf and Isaiah Greene are top ten prospects in the Mets Organization, but are both in single-A ball and not expected to arrive anywhere near the big leagues until at least 2023-2024. Rosario is a 25 year old shortstop who has played for the Mets for four seasons. He has a career batting average of .268 and .302 on base-percentage. Two years ago, he had a decent season batting .287 and hitting 15 homers while playing in 157 games. Giminez is 22 and also plays shortstop, but he and Rosario can both switch to second base if need be. This past year he appeared in 49 games, batting a promising .263. However, these are all nice pieces and if you add Rosario and Giminez together, they might give you half the offensive and defensive production that you had with Lindor.

Plain and simple this is another failure for the Dolan’s and the Cleveland front office. Lindor’s contract is up at the end of next year, so if you were going to trade him for basically nothing, why not just let him play out his final season and let him walk in free agency? By freeing themselves of Lindor’s contract, they shed about $44 million in payroll, which was their plan all along. Will they use any of that $44 million to sign any promising young players, or look to trade for some up and comers? Not a chance.

The Dolan’s, the owners of the Cleveland Baseball Team, have had this plan in their minds for about two years now. After the Indians made a run to game seven of the World Series in 2016, what did the Dolan’s do with all the extra money from the post-season? Nothing. I have to say, this is about as low as you get as someone who follows professional baseball. However, Cleveland’s trade of Lindor might be part of a bigger plan in the future.

Right now though, this is a huge win for the New York Mets and new owner Steve Cohen. The Mets would not make this trade if they did not intend to sign Lindor long-term. Lindor will get the contract he wanted, and he will become the biggest baseball star on the East Coast while playing in New York. As for the Cleveland side of things, this is just another reason to stop attending baseball games. Larry Dolan and his ownership group have done nothing good for this organization in a long time. All they want to do is pocket the profit and look to cut payroll. The Indians still have ace Shane Bieber and all-star third baseman, Jose Ramirez. However, their time will come as well, and we will see another version of this off-season in about 2-3 years.

All in all, Francisco Lindor was the best shortstop I’ve ever seen play the game. He played with so much passion and just a love for the game, it will be sad to see him with the New York Mets next season, but he deserves it. He is a class act that deserves to be one of the brightest faces in baseball. On top of that, adding Carlos Carrasco to the trade is just an absolute slap in the face to Cleveland fans. The whole city got behind “Cookie” during his battle with leukemia, and we all celebrated together when he was finally able to pitch again.

Good for Carrasco and Lindor who get to continue their careers on a team that has a fan base that is almost as passionate as Cleveland fans. Mets fans also know all the suffering and failures of having bad owners, the Mets are just lucky they finally got to move on from Wilpons, as we Cleveland fans have to deal with Paul Dolan for a while, at least until he puts his new plan of action in place.

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