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Cavaliers Notebook: Monday’s Larry Nance Jr. Press Conference, and Takeaways From the Cavs First Pre-Season Game


Larry Nance Jr. Press Conference:

  • Asked How to Improve and His Outlook after the Pre-Season Opener: “The effort was there, the intent was good. Just have to shore up the missed free throws and turnovers. Even though its pre-season, it’s good to get a win.”
  • Asked About the New Scheduling For Road Games/Series: “I’m excited about it, we get more rest. I think it will be nice, instead of traveling city to city and getting to bed at 2-230 in the morning, we will be able to get more rest.”
  • Describing the atmosphere of the arena for the pre-season opener: “The energy in the arena wasn’t there. You have to generate your own energy. Without fans, it’s important to keep the bench up and stay energized.”
  • Asked how communication was with the coaches wearing masks: “We were playing a little bit of telephone out there for a little bit.”
  • Prediction for Browns Game: “I don’t want to jinx it. Browns will win by a touchdown or field goal.”
  • Asked what he’s looking to get out of game two of the pre-season: “Game two is just about cleaning some stuff up. Our margin of error is low because of where we are and the goals we have.”
  • Asked About Cedi Osman’s Performance on Saturday Night: “He was not hesitating on his shot, and he was getting down to the rim. He was awesome for us last game. If that’s what aggressive Cedi means, I want to see more of that.”
  • Asked if the new scheduling and road trips will help with scouting opponents: “It helps. Just going over shoot around, and it feels like a mini playoff series. You can’t make changes so frequently and quickly. So just seeing their (opponnent) last game is a huge help. It also makes shoot around quite a bit easier.”
  • Asked About How he felt Having to miss the Browns Game Tonight: “I just learned our game that was at 6, I thought it was at 730, so I was real disappointed. In my pre-game, it will consist of me checking and watching some Browns updates. But, hey at least I get to see some of it.
  • Asked about his thoughts on the Cleveland Indians Changing their nickname/logo: We’ve evolved so much as a people, as a country since then. When the name was founded, so many things have changed. We live in a different time. If the Native American people don’t appreciate that name, then it’s time to go. I’ll still be a fan.
  • On what he wants the new Indians Name/Logo to Be: “I’m a Spiders fan.”
  • Asked about what was so impressive in Isaac Okoro’s Debut: “Scoring sixteen points in the fourth quarter was awesome, hitting the game-winner was great. His defensive prowess is very good. But to me it was the willingness to adjust on the fly and trust himself.”

Takeaways From The Cavs Pre-Season 107-104 Win Over The Pacers:

  1. Isaac Okoro was very impressive in his Cavaliers debut. He fits in right along side Garland and Sexton, or Garland and Osman. Okoro had 18 points in 33 minutes of action. Also with ,03 on the clock, Okoro hit a jumper, and got fouled. He converted the free throw, and that was basically the end of the game. A great and promising showing from Okoro.
  2. If they stay healthy, the Pacers could be a top-4 seed in the east this year. With Sabonis and Myles Turner down low, and Brogdon and Oladipo on the wings, that right there is a team worthy of a first round bye. Also considering Oladipo only played for 21 minutes.
  3. Okoro, Darius Garland, and Andre Drummond combined to have six blocks Saturday, meaning the Cavs might have a true big that will be able to protect the rim at all times. Drummond with the starting group, and the newly signed Javale McGee in the other.
  4. It is looking more and more like Thon Maker will be making the team this year. He played 27 minutes on Saturday night, and was 5-10 shooting for ten points, to go along with ten rebounds. The Cavaliers were +16 when Maker was on the court.
  5. Unfortunately it seems like Dylan Windler has a long time to go before making an impact on this team. On Saturday he played 23 minutes, went 2-6 from the field, including 0-3 on three point attempts, for eight points. It’s possible he could become like a sort of poor-man’s Joe Harris. However with the 2 and 3 positions stacked already (Garland, Okoro, Osman, Dellavedova, Dotson, Exum, and Kevin Porter Jr.).
  6. The Cavaliers could use some help shooting the ball. They are 49% shooting from the field, including 31% from three. They struggled at the free throw line as well, shooting 62.5% or 20-32.

The Cavs host Indiana again tonight at 6 PM Eastern. Hopefully we will find out more about who the Cavs really are as a team. If they can shoot better from the free throw line even, the game is a blowout.

Pacers at Cavs Pre-Season Game One Highlights

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