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The Man to Man Podcast Episode X: We Run It Back & J.J. Watt to Arizona .. What?

The Man to Man Podcast Episode X: Running It Back

(Writer’s Note: So JB’s Wi-Fi completely cut out for like two hours during the recording last Thursday, so the fellas decided to run it back, with some new news stories. You’ll Enjoy the Pod.)

Back Sports Page presents a new episode of The Man to Man Podcast, hosted by JB (@BrownlojCLE) and TB (@thb315. Today the guys obviously discuss the Cardinals signing JJ Watt. Was that really his best option, or did he just go for money? JB is over the moon the Browns passed on Watt. Finally the guys take a dive into AFC East Free Agency Needs, and other NFL and College Football News. Finally we end the show with some trivia and a Mount Rushmore of Best Teams to Not Win March Madness. Tune In!

Tweeter: @BrownlojCLE & @thb315

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