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Big Blue Report: Andrew Adams Discusses His Return

Training camp has begun and the Giants have some interesting storylines developing in the first two days out in East Rutherford. Pressure to win, the QB situation, what will happen with Saquon?

One story that will fall under the radar is the return of Andrew Adams to New York.

Adams spent two seasons with the Giants after being undrafted and worked his way into the starting lineup but cut during the 2018 training camp. Adams returns and joins Sterling Shepard as the only two Giants on the current roster who played on the 2016 playoff team.

Adams spoke with Randy Zellea of Back Sports Page about his time in Tampa, what he has learned in his time away from the Giants and why this return means everything to him.

What Made you want to come back to the Giants?

The decision was easy, the Giants are a class organization and it was a no brainer. This is a class act organization and I am excited to finish what I started here and I look forward to the challenge. I love the way they run the organization

Can you talk about winning the Super Bowl and what it was like to hold up the Lombardi trophy with the Buccaneers?

I mean anyone who has experienced the Super Bowl it’s a surreal feeling and then winning is just a feeling that puts you on top of the world like nothing else matters. It’s all the sacrifice you put in that pays off and you really reep the benefits. I feel like being a vet gives the guys in the locker that aspect of it, it’s a feeling that you can’t replicate and it’s so putting in the work is so worth it.

 Can you talk about what it was like when Tom came in during that first season? It seemed like it was sort of like a fairy tale especially since it was a home game etc.?

I mean l feel like I’m Giant now so I don’t want to discuss too much about being in Tampa or Tom but it was a ll great memories. The only thing I will say is it was a heck of a ride..

What are your memories from your first stint here in New York?

A lot of great memories, like I said before the team was very close. We won some games in 2016 but had a down year the second year but the team stuck together as we were going through our trials and tribulations so that’s the main thing that sticks out. The Giants were a good place to be, no matter the result obviously you are in this business to win, despite the fact that we are people and they treat people very well here.

Be honest, You’re back for the Pizza and the bagels right?

(Laughs) Yeah you know my wife said the same thing I gotta have that New York Pizza its awesome.

If License Plate Guy puts another Softball game together, Are you gonna lace them up again?

Oh yeah for sure I would do it again. Grab that bat and hit some home runs! 

What advice do you give to younger players?

I tell these younger guys to trust the process and be patient. You can’t win the Super Bowl today so each day you go out there you have to look to get better and improve on something everyday. Off the field you can’t listen to outside noise outside the building. You have to listen to your teammates, the coaches and trust the process.

 What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?

A: Control what you can control. There are a lot of moving parts that goes on in an organization but what you can control is what happens between the white lines. That’s the advice I would give: go out there and play hard and let the chips fall where they may.


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