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York United F.C Unveil New Owners

The new owners of York United F.C and Game Plan Sports Group sat down and spoke with the media on Thursday. The 3 brothers Ricardo Pasqual, Eduardo Pasqual, and Miguel Pasqual all attended the press conference.

My overall feeling from the press conference is that the brothers care a lot about the club. They mentioned how they were fans of the club throughout this season and got to watch games while they were still in Mexico. Miguel also mentioned that it is “a dream come true” for the brothers. I think the club is in excellent hands moving forward. Moving stadiums sounds all but certain, they said they will start looking for other venues. I have to think the earliest they would move would be the start of the 2025 season. The brothers also mentioned that their main target for players is Young Canadian players but Mexican players as well as players across the world are all options.

Some notable quotes from the press conference

When asked about the early plan for developing the club and making a championship team, Ricardo mentioned investing in Canadian talent. He also mentioned being competitive in every tournament.

Eduardo on the club’s continuous stadium conversations: “We’re very thankful for York University, it’s a great first-class university and a great venue, but we need our own stadium”. He also says they are going to start looking at options immediately.

Eduardo on the club’s main target player-wise: “Young Canadians, but Mexico is an option for us”

Ricardo is very confident in the team he is inheriting: “I think the team has great players. I think it’s the best roster in the league” Eduardo also backed him up on the statement.

One of the major things that kept getting brought up was how this team is built with the community. They say that the community will be at the heart of every decision they make. They also mentioned that while today is about them being unveiled as the owners, York United is not just for them, it’s for the community.

I look forward to what is to come for the club, it was mentioned that we can expect roster news starting around next week. I am excited for this new era for York United, and fans should be too.

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