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Gut: More Than An Athlete

Who Is Gut?

Gut otherwise known is Nick Guthre is a senior student at Ithaca College studying sports media. Playing his high school football at Souderton, the Harleysville, Pennsylvania native was a running back as well as a linebacker. He was very successful at both positions earning league honors. He also was a former football player for both East Stroudsburg University as well as Ithaca. His love for football started when he first started playing at six years old. He was named Nick for the sole reason that his mom thought it was a cool football name.

Recruited as a running back, after transferring to Ithaca, he made the switch to defensive back. He made the switch to defensive back because he felt it was best for him and the team as it gave him more opportunities to see the field and help his team get better.

After two years, he decided to transfer to Ithaca mainly because of how well of a media program they have. However, he also loves their football program as when he was recruited back in high school Ithaca and East Stroudsburg were his top two schools. Gut mentioned transferring was a win-win scenario as he “tiered across for football and tiered up in the media field”.

How Did He Get The Nickname Gut?

Besides it being the first three letters of his last name. Gut also earned the nickname from one of his football coaches in Pee-Wee football due to the amount of kids named Nick on his team. The only people that call him Nick are his parents, close friends, and his girlfriend. He has been called Gut for 80% of his life.

Family Athletic Strong suit

Gut is not the only talented athlete in his family as he got the athletic genes from his mom. In addition to playing football, he also played lacrosse. His mom is a huge football fan but a former lacrosse player. In matter of fact, his mom was on the women’s world cup team for lacrosse. His mom pressured him to play lacrosse around middle school as baseball was always his favorite spring sport.

Playing both football and lacrosse, allowed him to focus heavily on contact, footwork, and conditioning. Also, personally, it helped him become a better leader.

Hung Up The Cleats Early

After multiple injuries including a torn labrum twice, after talking about it with his doctor, he thought it was best to stop playing. However, his lifelong love for football did not go away, as it helped transition into a career in sports. Since his freshman year of high school he has always loved the editing and commentating side of football and wanted to pursue that.

At East Stroudsburg, Gut also had a coaching minor. Although he does not have the coaching minor anymore, he still takes it seriously as he coaches kids in the summer for football. He coaches around 12-15 clients running drills and conditioning. He has looked into it and has coaches at East Stroudsburg have given him the opportunity to coach down the road.

Other Career Experiences

Before BDGE, he had other roles at ESPN and Walterpicks. At Walterpicks, he took over as the Titans Walterpicks creator on TikTok for about a month before deciding to stop due to other commitments such as BDGE and school.

At ESPN, he job shadowed the host of one of the Gymnastics and cheerleading competitions in February of 2019. The host he shadowed Richard Curtis was actually his high school teacher as well. He got to learn a lot from the production side and just picking people’s brains for behind the scenes about how a show is put together.

Process to BDGE

BDGE is a media company that thrives with football content such as football trivia, fantasy football advice and videos, and much more. They are mostly followed on TikTok and YouTube, but have other platforms as well.

After following Nick (the CEO of BDGE) for awhile he decided to apply and send in a video of BDGE. However, he was not confident he would be hired as thousands of people would apply and he did not think he would be hired. For Gut’s video he mentioned it was generic and he only did one take and just set up his phone and mentioned why he would be a good hire.

Role At BDGE

Gut was featured on-air a few times in some of the videos. However, off-air he was working behind the scenes coming up with cool ideas, editing and posting content on their social media accounts and working with Jaymo editing and posting his videos. Also, he works diligently to find ways to grow as a company and the channels including using their sponsorship with Underdog to do a giveaway and grow the company’s discord.

His main role is editing and he is super eager to keep on learning and improving each time. Gut mentioned it is important for the content creator and editor to be on good terms and have good chemistry. He expresses that with Jaymo as he edits his videos and compared the relationship to a quarterback and wide receiver as they always need to be on point to produce at the highest level and in a timely manner.

Gut is still with great terms with BDGE as he was at the office this past Sunday and he hopes to get an offer from them full-time after graduation. He mentioned Nick wants him long-term and is looking to make that happen.

Great & Deep Football Knowledge

Everyone in the company has a great knowledge of football. However, Gut claims to know the least amount. He thrives off of knowing systems and schemes due to his history as a player. He uses his knowledge of the game to make videos on how people fit in systems such as Puka Nacua and Tutu Atwell.

His first five or ten games he did not win and now he is competing. The grids and the constant trivia has helped him as the names stick in his brain.

Strong Production Background

He has always enjoyed shooting films and documentaries. He enjoys being in control of setting up the plot and letting it develop as well as setting up shots. The party weekend and draft weekend at BDGE in terms of planning was thanks to Gut.

Career Goals

His career goals is to grow his accounts and expand their media for both his personal account and at BDGE. He would love to expand BDGE to basketball, baseball, and soccer content. On a personal level, he wants to grow and get his name out there and have people ask him for advice on fantasy football or questions about scheme. He loves working with the community and receiving comments and direct messages on advice for fantasy football or wandering how people would fit in a scheme.

Advice To People In The Industry

With the sports industry and sports media industry being a tough field, Gut mentioned try different things because you will not know what you like and do not like until you actually try it. He also urges to be consistent and if you want to create content post everyday and slowly grow your platform. Gut also mentioned do not be discouraged if your videos flop and focus on slowly building a community.

Keeping the same community and interacting with consistent people is some of the things that Gut loves. Consistency, work ethic, and getting through the most difficult times are some of the most important traits to succeed in that field.

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