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UFC 300 Breakdown: Odds, Matchups, Picks

UFC CEO, Dana White has been hyping up UFC 300 for months. More recently announcing the main event of Alex Pereira vs Jamaal Hill. UFC 300 is a huge milestone in MMA, and is one of the most anticipated cards in UFC history. With all the fights officially announced, fans have started placing their bets, making their picks and analyzing the matchups for the most hyped up card of the year.

Holy Holm vs Kayla Harrison

Odds: -450 Harrison, +350 Holm

My Pick: Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison will make her UFC debut against Holy Holm. Harrison is a two-time PFL champion with a fantastic MMA record outside of the UFC. While Holm’s is known for her many accomplishments inside of the UFC octagon, at age 42, it is a big possibility that Harrison takes the win over the veteran. They have placed their fight in the bantamweight division. Which limits at 135 pounds, a division which Holm’s knows very well.

Harrison on the other hand, has experience in the lightweight and featherweight division limiting at 155, and 145 pounds, leaving a good amount of weight she will have to cut compared to her other MMA fights. This fight will be a close battle and will be a super exciting one for MMA fans, it being Harrisons UFC debut means she is gunning for that title and will come out with force especially being debuted in an event like UFC 300.

Bo Nickal vs Cody Brundage

Odds: -1350 Nickal, +800 Brundage

My Pick: Bo Nickal


Image – Sherdog

This fight matchup is a super interesting choice by the UFC. Bo Nickal is young, completive and has been a knockout and submission machine since being in the UFC. Nickal has completely destroyed as his competition since being in the UFC and has never seen round 2, his longest fight being 2 minutes and 54 seconds. Nickal has blown out every other competitor by being the biggest favorite on the card, and will remain the biggest favorite on this card until the night of UFC 300. Brundage on the other hand has had more of a rocky start in the octagon.

While the odds have Nickal at a huge advantage, Brundage will most likely be his most difficult opponent yet. Brundage has bounced back with back to back wins, the last one ending in a TKO/KO. It will be a fun watch for UFC fans and seeing if Bo Nickal will continue to stay within the first round if Brundage will be the first to test his stamina and take him into later rounds.

Calvin Kattar vs Aljamain Sterling

Odds: Sterling +110, Kattar -130 

My Pick: Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling has had a bright future in the UFC so far, fighting in the bantamweight division. Sterling will have his first featherweight debut here in UFC 300. Calvin Katter, who is also a very well developed fighter, is rebounding from a series of injuries and ready to prove himself again in the octagon. Sterling has a heavy wrestling style and uses his size to his advantage back in the bantamweight division. A lot of fans are speculating that a change in weight would change is style of fighting and would cause a set back in his featherweight debut. This is a big fight not only for Sterling’s debut but also for Kattar who is trying to prove a big comeback after fighting multiple injuries including a torn ACL.

Jiří Procházka vs Alksandar Rakic

Odds: +110, Jiří Procházka, -130 Aleksandar

My Pick: Jiří Procházka

Alksandar Rakic known for his strong striking, and intelligent moves causes a challenge for Jiří Procházka in one of the closest matchups of UFC 300. Rakic is looking to climb the UFC rankings, and after Procházka’s loss to Pereira he has a lot prove. Procházka, along with Rakic also has strong striking skills, along with the ability to hold ground control. Rakic is still looking for his big UFC title fight, while Procházka has been a serious contender in huge title fights, against stronger opponents. On top of holding the belt himself at one point. While it will be one of the closest matchups, in a one in a lifetime UFC card, Procházka just might have more experience in the octagon to win in this UFC 300 battle.

Charles Oliveira vs Arman Tsarukyan

Odds: Oliveira +164, Arman -918

My Pick: Charles Oliveira

Dana White recently announced that the winner of this bout will become the number 1 contender to fight current lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev, who is expected to return sometime this year after his injury. By announcing that the winner of this will go to bat for the title puts immense pressure on this fight. Charles Oliveira who recently lost the title fight to Makhachev will be looking for his opportunity to fight him again for it. On the other hand Arman Tsarukyan has not competed in a title fight yet and will be fighting for his opportunity.

Image – Tapology

Oliveira is a huge name in the UFC. Oliveira is on the UFC’s greatest grapplers, holding 21 wins by submission. Tsarukyan who is also very strong on the ground, and also having accumulate 9 knockouts in his UFC career as well. Not to mention the stamina he has, that makes him a hard opponent for anyone in the division, including Oliveira. UFC fans who like watch ground fighting and wrestling will be very happy with this fight as it will most likely end up on the ground, in an extremely close fight between the two.

Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway

Odds: -205 Gaethje, +170 Max Holloway

My Pick: Max Holloway

Max Holloway, former featherweight champion has been very vocal about where he thinks this fight is going to go. He has said that he believes this will be the “People’s Main Event”. He is not wrong when he talks about how exciting this fight is for MMA fans. Justin Gaethje is an extremely entertaining fighter, accumulating a lot of knockouts early on in his career. Gaethje and Holloway will be fighting for the BMF title, and is arguably on of the biggest BMF title fights ever. Holloway can take any fighter the distance in the octagon, and holds a very impressive record in the UFC. Holloway being able to bring Gaethje the distance could hold a big threat for Gaethje who is known for his finishes in the octagon. If Holloway can hold his stamina and take the fight the full distance than he will be great competition for Gaethje.

Zhang Weili vs Yan Xiaonan

Odds: -345 Weili, +275 Xiaonan

My Pick: Zhang Weili

This UFC 300 straw-weight title defense for Zhang Weili is not only a huge fight for her but also a huge fight for the history of the UFC. This will be the first time two Chinese-born fighters will meet for a title fight, writing history already for the UFC. The matchup between these two are almost identical standing only an inch apart in height and the exact same reach. Weili does hold the grappling edge being an extremely strong opponent on the ground. That being said Weili also has powerful strikes. Weili has completed dominated the UFC, as had Yan Xianonn who was able to land this title fight. Her striking does put her up as a good completion for Weili. While the fight matchup on paper seems close, Weili might be a little ways ahead of her competition for this matchup.

Image – MMA Mania

Alex Pereira vs Jamaal Hill

Odds: Pereira -155, Hill +130

My Pick: Alex Pereira

Ending the big UFC 300 is the light-heavyweight title fight. Alex Pereira is an extremely strong fighter, known for his leg kicks, and strong punches. Jamaal Hill has great punching ability all around, and extreme speed. Hill is recovering from a ruptured achilles and fans have been talking about whether he can handle the leg kicks of Pereira after returning from such a gruesome injury. Hill can use his speed and punch power to put Pereira in a really tough spot, especially if he starts applying some real pressure earlier on into the fight.

Not only is Pereira such a strong fighter but he also know for his great punch counter ability. His power mixed with his ability to counter will put Hill in a very hard position during the entirety of the fight. If Hill can keep a strong chin and throw some damaging punches it’s a big possibility he could win the upset over Pereira. However, with the way Pereira has been fighting and his ability to adapt and stay strong in the octagon with other extremely strong opponents he will most likely defend his title in the UFC bout.

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