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Is Roman Reigns The Forgotten Man At Wrestlemania?

The WWE got scared. The WWE was looking for the magic bullet for Wrestlemania. The thought was for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Roman Reigns headlining. would make this  must see TV.  The show was going to be the ultimate draw. 

The WWE Universe wants Cody Rhodes. 

It feels like 2014 again with audiences only wanting Daniel Bryan and wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer

The universe wants Cody to finish his story at Wrestlemania. After last year, the Audience felt the WWE had a magical opportunity for Cody to win the championship from Roman Reigns and be the one who pulled the sword out of the stone.

Fast forward one year, Cody did something that has not been done since the Attitude era, win back to back Royal Rumble matches to punch his ticket into the main event of the show of shows. The crowd still wanted Cody to the guy.

After Dwyane Johnson joined the board of directors of TKO, the brass tried to switch gears to Roman versus The Rock. A match that has been talked about for years which would, could and should be a huge money maker for the WWE and the new formed TKO company.

If WWE attempted to present this match at another point of time, it would have been a home run can’t miss show. Not at the expense of Cody though and when the crowd turned on the match… well the incident in Vegas happened.

Cody Rhodes took back what was his after gifting his title match to the Rock. What turned into a simple match announcement got ugly and personal between the Rock and Cody Rhodes.

Since the press conference in Vegas, it seems that Cody and the Rock are only focused on each other and refuse to focus on Roman Reigns and the Universal Championship. Roman Reigns has turned into an afterthought in the equation. Reigns and Seth Rollins are sitting looking from the sidelines as the Rock is trying to make Cody Rhodes a star right now.

The problem with that is the focus has been totally taken off of Roman Reigns, and the main part of the story which has been the Universal Heavyweight Championship and taking it from Reigns. Reigns and Rollins who will be a part of the main event of night one have to show their importance to this story.

This past Monday Cody took a massive beating from the Rock with all signs leading to the crowd wanting Rhodes versus the Rock at Wrestlemania. Where does this leave Roman Reigns? Roman Reigns and Cody is supposed to be the match that everybody really wanted.

With the Rock and Cody Rhoads looking like the main event, Where does Roman fit with all of this chaos? Is Roman on the way out? 

You would think that eventually, the Jey Uso issue would have come up on why Cody called Jey over to Raw after Uso left Smackdown in such dramatic fashion. What was the purpose of Jey coming to Raw with Cody? Did Cody want to help Jey or hurt Roman? 

We have a story for Saturday night of Wrestlemania that has received huge publicity with the biggest star on the planet. Then a follow-up story on Sunday, which may not live up to the hype as Saturday’s because of the crazy mainstream attention the tag match is receiving.

In my eyes, Cody Rhodes is not the guy as of yet. I agree with Bully Ray from Busted Open Radio when he says he’s 95% sure that Cody is the guy but my main concern is how Cody carries himself. Is the crowd behind Cody because of who he is or is it because the crowd hates Roman?

What happens after Wrestlemania after Cody wins the championship? What direction do you go? 

We know what happens if Roman wins. He is chasing Hulk Hogan’s record and that would take all of us to SummerSlam with the “Tribal Chief” holding on to the gold. With new challengers for Roman, it makes a real difficult decision for Triple H and creative.

The crowd is starting to sour on Reigns though.

If you decide to keep the belt on Roman, you know what happens. He goes to beat Hogan’s record and you have more challenges on the Babyface side than you do on the heel side for Cody.

There’s a lot of twists and turns we are going to experience over these next two weeks before Wrestlemania so buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride!

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