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MLB Weirdest Food Items in 2024

A hotdog sold at Dodger Stadium lies on a section ledge.

MLB teams have unveiled a number of unusual menu items that fans can purchase during games throughout the season.

Ah, the new MLB season is here. The smell of Cracker Jacks, peanuts, popcorn, pretzels. However, for those who have more adventurous tastebuds, there are plenty of goodies. There are a few weird food items you can find at ballparks around the country in 2024.

And the entertainment value of these foods should be exciting. Instead of the usual fare, these new items, whether weird or perhaps even delectable, certainly will not be leaving fans hungry after their trip to a stadium. But there are some items that sound like a mess of a meal. More on that in just a bit.

For a look back at some food from previous years, check out Jack Devin‘s piece on the 2023 New York Yankees menu.

So what exactly are some of the weirdest food items coming to stadiums in the 2024 season? Let’s take a look at some of these mouthwatering or downright crazy menu options…

MLB East Coast Finds

The trek for MLB’s weirdest stadium foods in 2024 starts off in Queens, New York. Citi Field, the home of the New York Mets, has two items that instantly jump off the page.

The Rainbow Cookie Egg Roll

The first one is a rainbow cookie egg roll. Already receiving mixed reviews, the egg roll is quickly proving to be weird and controversial.

To clarify what exactly it is, the dish consists of an egg roll wrapper with a multicolor layered almond cookie, raspberry jam, and chocolate syrup, then fried until golden brown.

A Unique Take on a Surf-And-Turf Burger

Also included in the Mets’ menu lineup for 2024 is the Mets Championship Burger. Made by award-winning in-stadium chef, as an ABC News article notes, “the Mets championship burger is made with Pat LaFreida dry aged beef, Maine lobster salad, and a lobster fondue sauce inside a charred lemon and fennel brioche.” This sounds like surf-and-turf taken up more than a couple notches, for a very unusual spin. Of course, this could also highlight the two championships in the Mets’ franchise history.

Baltimore Offers Up a Unique Dog in Birdland

The second stop on this foodie road trip is Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore. While there are some more yummy items going on the O’s menu in 2024, this one stands out as the weirdest one.

Introducing: The Warehouse Dog.

What is the Warehouse Dog? Well, it starts off simple enough as a footlong hot dog. Here’s where things get interesting. On top of the dog, the O’s chefs add crispy onion straws, a horseradish-infused brick sauce, pit beef style queso fundido (for those who don’t know, queso fundido is a Mexican dish with chorizo sausage, onions, poblano peppers, and melted cheese), and pickled pico de gallo. This would definitely be considered more than just standard fare at a normal baseball game.

Pittsburgh and Their Pierogies

From Baltimore, the next stop is northwest to Pittsburgh’s PNC Park. And another hot dog joins the ranks. Also, this dish was named in honor of Pittsburgh’s closer, David Bednar, according to Trib Total Media.

This one is the Renegade Dog. Now, the reason behind the naming is that the song “Renegade” by the band Styx is Bednar’s walk-up song.

It’s a footlong hot dog saluting Pittsburgh topped with pot roast, mini pierogies, pickle slices, and caramelized onions.

While Bednar is known for his ability to shut down games, it’s unknown if he is aware of this dog. Considering the team posted a video to social media, he probably knows about the food he inspired.

Atlanta’s Four Bagger

From Pittsburgh, the southbound flight takes foodies to the ATL, and Truist Park. And the most recent addition, announced this past Wednesday, is the Atlanta Braves “4 Bagger”.

This creation is one of the boldest, and also one of the spiciest new menu options in MLB in 2024.

Here’s why: The 4 Bagger is four cheeseburgers, plus a pound of barbecue brisket, Carolina Reaper pepper mayo, jalapenos, cheese, and beer-battered onion rings.

After eating this, fans will probably be flocking for some sort of relief, cooling from the Carolina Reaper pepper mayo or perhaps from heartburn.

Chicago Goes Camping

Next stop on this trip leads to the AL Central and Guaranteed Rate Field, home of the Chicago White Sox. And for fans who miss the days of going out and sitting by campfire, this addition is perfect to bring back memories.

The White Sox are introducing a Campfire Milkshake: a 16-ounce chocolate milkshake topped with graham crackers and toasted marshmallows. USA Today also notes that the cooling shake is served in a sundae cup for $15.

A very mouthwatering take on a s’more made into a milkshake.

KC’s New Blue

Two more stops to go, the next one being in Kansas City. The Royals are embracing the spirit of powder blue.

One new item in KC this year is the Back to Blue Burger.

As’s Lacey Muszynski notes, “Cookie Monster (or maybe Spongebob Squarepants) would be proud of this one. The Royals have a new burger, complete with a bright blue bun to match the team’s colors. It’s got bacon, blue cheese, Buffalo-style aioli, lettuce, and tomato, so otherwise it’s a pretty standard Buffalo/blue burger. No word on how the food coloring might resurface after the game.”

There’s embracing the scheme of the powder/royal blue, but this dish may be a case of taking it just a bit too far.

Seattle Goes Two-For-One on a Sandwich

The final stop to find the weirdest food items in MLB is the Pacific Northwest. And it is a salute to two teammates.

The new sandwich is called the Double Mitchwich, named after both C/DH Mitch Garver and OF Mitch Haniger.

So, on Haniger’s side, there is grilled chicken breast, marinated tomatoes, buttery Havarti cheese, bacon, and a fried avocado wedge as well.

Conversely, on Garver’s half, there is marinated pulled pork, Swiss cheese, a Dijon mustard mayonnaise, black forest ham, and pickle slices on Cuban bread.

The sandwich will set hungry customers back $15.49.

Final Thoughts

This is a mouthwatering expedition through the weirdest food items in 2024. Overall, all MLB teams are adding some new menu items. As a result, some of these items will generate excitement, and maybe even some controversy.

The 2024 menu lineup certainly includes some unique additions. Even the most adventurous taste buds must be willing to step up. And as the season unfolds, these new goodies may stick on the old menus.

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