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Clash at the Castle

On September 3, 2022, the long-awaited event is about to take place, and here’s what happened.

      The opening commentators are Matt Kamp, Jackie Redmond, Peter Rosenberg, and Wade Barrett. Each chimed in with their own opinions about whom they thought would win each match. On the card was Riddle versus Seth “Freak’n” Rollins, Liv Morgan versus Shayna Bazler, and Sheamus vs. Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. It is stated that the Europeans Sheamus and Drew McIntyre had the home advantage. The event takes place at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. There were more than 60,00 attendees. This long-awaited event has been anticipated for three decades.

           The Judgement Day, consisting of Damian Priest, Finn Baylor, and Rhea Ripley, is set to go against Edge and The Mysterios Rey and Dominik. Rhea Ripley is considered to be the most dangerous of them all. Alexa Bliss, Bianca Belair, and Asuka were to square off against Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky.

           Madcap Moss kicks off the event partnered with The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. They battle against the Alpha Academy, which is made up of Chad Gable and Otis, which they partnered with Austin Theory.

           Austin Theory’s smugness is second to Roman Reigns. However, Roman Reigns can back up his words. Theory has fallen short time after time. And is ironically considered to be Vince McMahon’s protégé. 

           The match begins with Gable and Ford of the Street Profits. Theory chimes in with his cheap shots by playing “the heel,” aka the bad guy. Otis gets tagged and pounces on Ford. Gable tags in then tags Theory. Madcap Moss is unleashed with a tag! He goes after all three of his opponents. Dawson gets tagged in. Then bedlam ensues! Over the top goes Ford! He tackles Theory and the Alpha Academy and slingshots himself over the top rope. Gable ends up getting pinned in the square circle. 

           The following event begins with Bianca Belair bouncing down the ramp with her ponytail snapping like a whip. She wears purple, and Alexa Bliss is not far behind her, along with Asuka. She is the woman behind the mask. Their opposition is Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky join together and walk down the ramp towards the ring.

           It starts with Bianca Belair versus Bayley. Chaos explodes when all six women jump into the ring. The battle begins! A triple DDT is done, and the backflip flips the three women simultaneously! Iyo Sky faces off against Alexa Bliss. The tag is made, and Bayley enters, followed by Dakota Kai tagging in. Asuka and Bliss go to town on Bayley. Asuka delivers a dropkick to Bayley off of the top rope. Then Iyo Sky goes after Auska. Dakota Kai is tagged in, and Bayley refuses to be tagged.

                      Alexa Bliss dives off the outer part of the ring onto Bayley, and Kai dives onto her. Now, Bliss is in the wrong place, wrong time. In short, they try to destroy her. They make an example of her. Iyo Sky grabs Bliss by the hair in the center of the ring. Kai does a powerbomb on Bliss. She crawls over to Belair. Bayley shows that she is faking her injury when pursued by Belair. Roundhouses are launched on Asuka. Bayley is tagged in, and Asuka does a flying dropkick on her.

           Belair tags in and dispenses her wrath on Bayley. Belair plants Bayley on the top rope. Belair is in the corner, and Bayley ties her ponytail around the cord. Belair manages to break free with her teammate’s assistance. Belair hoists Kai over her head! Belair is on the top rope and jumps on Kai. A quick move by Kai pushes her out of harm’s way. Belair summersaults out of her way. Iyo Sky performs a “moonsault” and tags, Bayley. She pins Belair for the win.

           Sheamus, “the brawling Brute,” enters the fray for the next match. Ludwig Kaiser announces the Intercontinental champion, Gunther. The Imperium is completed with Gianni Vinci. Gunther and Sheamus stand nose to nose in the center ring like statues. A flying tornado of fists surrounds them as the Ridge Holland along with Butch battle it with Gianni Vinci and Kaiser Ludwig. The bell rings, and Sheamus punches Gunther in the side of his head and throws him through the ropes.

It looks as though Sheamus has the advantage. He grabs Gunther and wraps his arms under the ropes. Gunther breaks free and hand chops Sheamus in the throat! Gunther breaks free, and the battle continues with Sheamus outside the ring. Sheamus is picked up and slammed down hard onto the metal stairs. Sheamus crawls back into the ring. Gunther then slaps Sheamus in the neck! He wraps his arms under the ropes and hits him in the throat.

Gunther employs “The Boston Crab” on Sheamus and then applies a “Cross Face.” He then chops his hand on the back of Sheamus’s neck. A reversal is made, and both begin beating each other. Gunther grabs Sheamus by the wrist and reverses it. Next, Gunther picks up Sheamus outside the ring and slams him onto the floor. Sheamus reverses the move and now has Gunther wrapped inside the ropes and beats him repeatedly with his fists in the clavicle area.

Sheamus climbs to the top rope and jumps onto the awaiting Gunther in the ring. He then gets dealt a blow from Gunther. Sheamus gives Gunther a knee to the face and attempts to pin him. Gunther applies the sleeper hold to Sheamus. The handle is reversed, and Sheamus picks up Gunther, which leads to a powerbomb. Remember, the title is on the line. Gunther reverses and initiates a powerbomb on Sheamus. Gunther targets Sheamus’s tailbone.

Gunther climbs to the top of the top rope, only to be greeted by Sheamus. Gunther is picked up backward by Sheamus and is slammed to the canvas! Sheamus receives another powerbomb. Gunther bludgeons Sheamus with a hellacious blow to the head and pins him for the win! A bloodied Sheamus holds his back while Gunther hoists his belt overhead. Remember, ‘Red means Green”.

Next up is the Women’s Championship between Liv Morgan and Shayna Baszler. As you know, Baszler is a no holds barred or pulled punches wrestler. No quarter comes to mind. She loves to make her opponents suffer no matter if she wins or loses. She isn’t known as “The Queen of Spades” for nothing. 

Baszler enters the ring and has multiple piercings. She hails from South Dakota. At the same time, Liv Morgan comes from New Jersey. The match is ignited with armbars, and reversals happen. Morgan stands atop the top rope, and Baszler knocks her off. Baszler works on Morgan’s arm. She inflicts pain intentionally, as only a sadist would. She follows with a forearm smash to Morgan. An armbar is applied to Morgan, but she powers through.

Baszler executes a “German Supplex” and focuses on Morgan’s left arm. Baszler manipulates Morgan and wants her to submit to her. Now both women are down after Baszler received a dropkick from Morgan. She connected with Baszler’s head. Baszler gets a double knee to the face. Morgan jumps off the top rope only to receive a knee to her face by Baszler. Morgan is down on the canvas. Baszler tries to attack, but Morgan applies “The Triangle,” followed by locking her head between her knees.

Baszler’s arm appears to be injured. Morgan receives a slap to her face while on the top rope. Now Baszler is again on the top rope, and Morgan grabs her from behind and flips her into the ring. Morgan applies a “Toe Breaker” to Baszler and retains her title after performing a DDT.

Next up, Rey and Dominik Mysterio head towards the ring. Edge then blasts into the arena wearing a red and black duster and a red and black mask. Then the Judgement Day team is announced. The team’s attire could be best described as something out of “Mad Max,” all in black and studded.

Finn Baylor squares off against Rey Mysterio. Rey gets tossed into the corner and bounces out. He then uses one of his signature moves, leaps into the air, and wraps his legs around Baylor’s neck. Priest calls out Edge after the tag is made. However, Edge stands still, and Mysterio climbs and throws him on top of Baylor and Priest outside the ring.

Mysterio is then thrown into the corner. Priest drops Rey with a kick to his face. Baylor has Rey all to himself. Mysterio tries to fight his way out. He jumps and kicks Baylor in the face. Rey is atop the barricade outside the ring and pulls a reversal on Priest. Down comes Priest crashing down on his groin! Edge gets tagged in and goes after Priest and Baylor. Mysterio drills Priest.

Edge executes the infamous Mysterio move, “The 619,” on Baylor! Edge spears Priest through the ropes. A flying dropkick follows by Mysterio flipping onto Baylor. He then kicks Mysterio through the ropes. The 619 moves are now made on Baylor, and Edge pins him for the win!

At the End of the match, Dominik turns on both Edge and his father like an unpredictable wounded animal. He kicks Edge in the groin and knocks his father to the canvas! Rey pleads for forgiveness from Edge. They embrace each other.

It’s now Riddle’s and Seth “Freak’n” Rollins’s turn to commence in battle. Riddle is the first to find his way to the ring, goes through his poses, and then enters Rollins. Rollins sports a pair of “Elton John” glasses, tinted red. His outfit is red and yellow, and he has wings, much like a devil’s. Riddle begins the assault on Rollins. Riddle pursues Rollins outside the ring.

Rollins smacks Riddle on top of his head. Riddle then kicks him in the face. Riddle is on the top rope and wraps his legs around Rollins’s neck. Then gets thrown into the corner. Rollins reverses and takes Riddle outside the ring, thrusting him into the barricade and then onto the commentator’s table. Rollins bounces Riddle off the ropes and hits him with a forearm smash! Riddle repeatedly kicks Rollins in the side of his head.

 Riddle is atop the rope and has Rollins behind him. He kicks Riddle in the face while dangling on the ropes upside down. Rollins lifts Riddle onto the top rope and hits Riddle with a barrage of punches. Off the top rope, they fly! Riddle does a “roller coaster” throw. He catapults Rollins into the ring. The pedigree is executed on Rollins. Riddle jumps backward. He gets Rollins in “The Triangle.” Rollins appears to be fading. He stomps on Riddle’s head. Rollins launches a piledriver.

Both men are down on the canvas due to Rollins raising his knees. Riddle hooks his arm around Rollins’s ankle. Rollins rolls Riddle over for the pin. But, it doesn’t reach the count of three. Rollins does a back flip, and Riddle dodges the move. Riddle does a Supplex, and Rollins recovers and smashes Riddle in the face. He again goes for the pin. Rollins taunts Riddle by calling him a loser. Rollins uses Randy Orton’s signature move by having his ankles rest on the ropes and letting the body crash to the canvas face first.

Riddle let his emotions get the better of him. Rollins takes advantage of it. He stomps Riddle’s neck by leaping off the top rope. Rollins wins.

As we all know by now, Roman Reigns has been the title holder for 734 days. But it isn’t legitimate. So instead, he called his “dogs,” better known as the USOs, to wear down his opposition in almost every match he had.

Drew McIntyre is the first to enter the ring, followed by Roman Reigns. So far, so good, as I don’t see a sign of the USO’s. But that doesn’t mean that the “dogs of war” won’t be called to intervene. It is just said that the USOs, aka “The Bloodline” and Sami Zayn, couldn’t travel because they hadn’t been medically cleared. Reigns has a different look on his face as he is all on his own now. McIntyre stares down Reigns.

Rally cries are for McIntyre, not Reigns. Toe to toe, they fight each other. Reigns paces around the ring. McIntyre smiles with confidence. A headlock is applied to McIntyre. Reigns bounces off the ropes to receive a shoulder block by McIntyre. Reigns appears to be very worried. Reigns delivers an uppercut! He corners McIntyre and delivers his “Superman Punch.” It is reversed; McIntyre delivers the blows and is thrown from the ring and into the steel stairs.

Karrion Kross is in the audience and distracts him. Reigns takes advantage of it after getting thrown into the ring post. Reigns smacks McIntyre in his neck. McIntyre’s shoulder is injured. Reigns tries a quick pin. Reigns grabs McIntyre’s head. McIntyre reverses, and chops are exchanged. McIntyre chops Reigns. McIntyre is down. Reigns tries a Supplex. They see-saw back and forth in the middle of the ring. Reigns can’t get over the fact that the audience doesn’t want to acknowledge him.

McIntyre does his signature move, “The Claymore.” Both start punching each other in the face. McIntyre does German Supplex’s followed by a neck breaker. McIntyre tries to flip Reigns into the center of the ring onto his back off the top rope. McIntyre executes “The Spine Buster,” and Reigns is down. Reigns throws McIntyre into the corner and then smacks him in the face. Reigns is ready with the Superman Punch! McIntyre does the DDT on Reigns. 

McIntyre kicks him in the face. “Reigns use the Guillotine” move, and McIntyre charges into the corner. He is thrown into the ring post. Reigns is outside the ring now. McIntyre is greeted with “the spear” move inside the ring. Both men appear to be exhausted. Reigns distracts the referee. Austin Theory charges down the ramp to turn in the “Money in the Bank” suitcase. The UFC Champ, Tyson Fury, knocks him out! Both men are on their knees in the center of the ring punching each other.

Reigns readies with a Superman Punch, while McIntyre executes “The Claymore.” A hooded figure appears out from nowhere, and when the hood is pushed back, it reveals the head of the youngest brother of The USOs. His name is Solo Sikoa. Once again, Roman Reigns cheats! And McIntyre gets pinned. Tyson Fury confronts Reigns in the ring. This is after the referee was dragged out by his ankles by the youngest USO. Without the USOs, Roman Reigns wouldn’t be where he is today.

McIntyre thanks the crowd for cheering him on. 

I, for one, am not impressed by Roman Reigns so-called achievements.

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