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Did the Lakers Lose By Not Trading For Kyle Lowry?

To be quite frank with you, the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t win or lose in this years trade deadline. You can say that they won because they didn’t make any rash decisions. However, you can also make the case that they did lose because they didn’t bring anyone new in. Especially a solidified star such as Kyle Lowry who could have held down the fort until LeBron James and Anthony Davis returned from injury.

Why They Won

Breaking up a team for one player doesn’t result in a positivity often in the middle of a season. The Lakers were looking to trade for veteran guard and NBA Champion Kyle Lowry. Throughout the evening, the Toronto Raptors were looking for picks and a young player. Ultimately this is why the Lakers fell through in trade talks. It was reported already that LA would not entertain any deals for rising star Talen Horton-Tucker, which is who the Raptors wanted. Keeping everyone together is also another important aspect to keep in mind.

Though there may be feelings of lack of trust between players and the front office, the Lakers squad is still in tact. What this means is that there is still that belief that things will turn around once James and Davis return. Keep in mind that by the time those two return will be right in time for the playoffs. Not to mention that the Lakers are now big buyers in the buy out market with names such as Andre Drummond and others.

Why They Lost

Well the Lakers had their opportunity to pull the trigger on Kyle Lowry. However, they refused to part ways with Talen Horton-Tucker who they have high expectations of. On the other hand, getting a former champion and a veteran floor general is always a bonus. Especially when it comes to a LeBron James team. Over the course of his career a problem with James led teams is the production drop off whenever he leaves the floor. With Lowry, the Lakers would have had a bonafide point guard who knows how to run an offense, can be an offensive threat, get others involved and above all leaves everything on the court as a true professional.

Now what would the Lakers have had to give up in order to get Lowry. My speculation is that the Raptors’ asking price was Talen Horton-Tucker, Dennis Schröder and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Looking at this, a few things stick out right away. Lowry, Schröder and Horton-Tucker are all free agents when the season is over. Schröder already expressed his interest in staying with LA but only if the price was reasonable. However, it isn’t certain that the Lakers would re-sign either player, especially if they are looking to make a splash in the offseason. Not to mention that with Caldwell-Pope signing his three-year deal this past offseason, he would be off the Lakers books thus making more room for cap.

Final Verdict

In the end, it doesn’t really matter entirely that much that the Lakers didn’t pull the trigger. The current group is till together and can still build that chemistry heading into the playoffs. In truth if they would have made the trade, it would have been a panic move solely due to the injuries of James and Davis. Should neither have been injured to begin with, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. The buy out market is where the Lakers will make their splash in additions. Hopefully they are able to bring someone to help at the center position, which is there most vulnerable area on the roster.

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