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Summer of Throwbacks

Image: ESPN

With all of the new uniform releases and helmet tweaks, 2023 is officially the summer of throwbacks in the NFL. 

Of course, this is all thanks to the NFL letting go of their previous “one-shell” rule that would only allow teams to wear one helmet both on the field and in practice. But that is no more as of last year.

Multiple teams have taken advantage of the rule being let go, including the New York Giants.

But who all will be taking part in the new changes in 2023? Let’s take a deeper dive into the new releases…

NFL Summer of Throwbacks: Teams With New Additions

Philadelphia Eagles

One team who is bringing back their old-school jerseys in 2023 is the Philadelphia Eagles. This season, Philly will be turning the clock back to the 1980s with the return of their Kelly Green jerseys. The last time this color was donned in Philly was in a Week 1 game in 2010 against the Green Bay Packers.

Seattle Seahawks

The second team to join in the fun is the Seattle Seahawks. And they are bringing back their old-school light-blue jerseys, with a focus on the 1990s. When people think of the 90s in the Pacific Northwest, there’s plenty to remember. Grunge music, the Kingdome, and bringing Seattle to relevance as a sports city. Last worn in 2001, this combination will be seen in Week 8 against the Cleveland Browns.

NFL Throwback: Cleveland Browns

Speaking of the Browns, they are turning back the clock all the way to their first few years of existence with their newest introduction. To partner with their 75th anniversary jersey they presented a couple of years ago, Cleveland is now adding a white throwback helmet. The new white helmet features two brown stripes surrounded by a solid orange stripe on the center top of the helmet. The Browns will wear their all-white look three times in the upcoming season.

NFL Summer of Throwbacks Continued

New York Jets

One of the more recent announcements is the New York Jets. The J-E-T-S will be bringing back their legacy white 1980s jerseys for two games in their first four games of the new season. The jerseys also look back at one of the franchise’s elite defenses, “the New York Sack Exchange”.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucco Bruce is back! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are re-imagining the 1970s by bringing back the Bucco Bruce logo and the orange creamsicle jerseys. The last time orange was worn by the Bucs was back in 2012, and they will show these duds off in Week 6.

Minnesota Vikings

Another team bringing a new-school tweak to an old-school jersey is the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota will be celebrating 45 years of franchise history with a 60s-to-70s purple design in the first week of the new season against the Bucs on September 10.

Tennessee Titans

One of the more exciting releases in this group is the Tennessee Titans. The Titans will be reminiscing to the days of the Houston/Tennessee Oilers from 1981-1998 with their “Luv Ya Blue” drop. Looking back, there are quite a few memorable names to wear these jerseys.

Denver Broncos

The final team to announce a throwback update is the Denver Broncos. On Tuesday, Denver now has a brand-new white alternate helmet with its classic angry horse logo. The helmet also features a blue and white stripe pattern down the center of the shell. The goal of the helmet to is celebrate Denver’s rise and pay homage to the snow cover of the Rocky Mountains.

Final Thoughts on New Throwbacks

Overall, this is an exciting collection to be put out. 2023 is setting up to be a summer full of throwbacks. And with the one-shell rule gone, NFL fans can expect more releases and tweaks to bring even more exciting jersey and helmet combos to the game.


Nate Powalie is a contributor for Back Sports Page. A 2022 graduate of Ashland University (Ashland, Ohio), Nate has five years of sports writing experience, and has gotten the chance to call sporting events for radio and live stream. Nate can be found on Twitter (@PNate22) and Facebook (Nate Powalie).

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