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Three Best Destinations for Drummond

The Cleveland Cavaliers have definitely hit a plateau. Andre Drummond has been a topic of discussion in regards to performance. Drummond’s energy is clearly not the same as earlier in the season, a common thread for the Cavs’ reasoning for lackluster defensive performance. Let’s be clear, everyone knew this would be a development year for the young Cavs, but Kevin Love and Andre Drummond are the veterans that supply facilitation. 

With Love and Nance Jr. out on injuries, Drummond carried a lot of the responsibility, but his performance has tapered off these last weeks. Nevertheless, there is scuttlebutt of a trade soon. Here are some teams that can greatly benefit from a focused Drummond.

Brooklyn Nets

The James Harden trade will go down in NBA history, but what will follow is how the Big 3: Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden couldn’t exactly build chemistry right away. With such ambiguity of the roles of the Big 3, Drummond wound best to serve as a facilitating center. The Nets are ranked 25th in defensive rating. Drummond can be an anchor for the defense while facilitating transitions for the Nets. This takes the pressure off the Big 3 and can replace what the Nets lost in Taurean Prince and Jarrett Allen.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs are currently ranked tenth in the Western Conference and could really use another big body to enhance the defense and clean up the Mavs’ nightly deficit on the glass. The Mavericks can definitely use help offensively. The Mavs rank in 28th in the league for total rebounds and 25th in assists. Drummond’s presence would not only stop the opposing team at the rim, but rebounds lead to outlet passes and easy baskets.

Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are undeniably the leaders for Boston, both are active on the offensive and defensive end. Kemba Walker lacks consistency in his performance. The Celtics just recently lost to the Washington Wizards (91-104). Marcus Smart is out on calf injury.

The Celtics could greatly benefit from a great rebounder. The C’s are 21st in the league for total rebounds. Drummond says himself rebounding is his strong suit. Drummond has always been a player who impacts the glass, as evidenced by his career average of 13.8 rebounds per game. Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge wants an “all around” player and Drummond seems like the perfect fit.

Drummond has the ability to be the most instrumental center on a team, but what fans have seen in the past couple of weeks is a player that is doing the bare minimum. Maybe that was Drummond’s strategic plan to get traded sooner. But wherever Drummond’s designation is, his fervor and passion for the game of basketball can’t decline because his situation isn’t ideal.

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