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Antonio Nunn, Buffalo Bulls WR – 2021 NFL Draft Scouting Report

Leading up to the 2021 NFL Draft, Back Sports Page will release scouting reports on the NCAA’s top prospects. This edition: Antonio Nunn.

Summary: University of Buffalo Bulls WR Antonio Nunn

Standing at 5’11” and 200 pounds, University of Buffalo wide receiver Antonio Nunn certainly has the size to make the next leap into the NFL after four season with the Bulls.

Despite a slow start to his collegiate career, Antonio Nunn finished his final two seasons as a starter, leading the Bulls in receptions both seasons. In total, Nunn recorded 113 receptions for 1,718 yards and 10 touchdowns, 1,271 of his total yards tallied in his final two campaigns.

While his statistics aren’t record-breaking, greatly in part to the run-heavy scheme UB has transitioned to, Nunn steadily improved in each year and shows impressive deep-ball skills, averaging 15.2 yards per reception over his entire collegiate career (20.1 yards per reception his rookie season alone). In addition to transitioning well off the line of scrimmage to catch deep passes, Nunn also possesses quite the route-running tree. He also has displayed good ability to adjust his body in the air to make attempts at contested passes.

Deep-ball and contested pass skills aside, a lot of Nunn’s abilities don’t translate consistently. He has the ability to contort his body, but is inconsistent in bringing down heavily-defensed passes. He also doesn’t have that “second-gear” speed to be considered a true down-field threat.

If Antonio Nunn can work on utilizing his athletic ability to equal consistency, then he may actually be a nice depth piece for teams in need of a WR4 or WR5. If drafted, expect to hear Nunn’s name being announced as he tiptoes down the sideline to catch a deep first-down pass every few games.

Pros: NFL-level size, strong run-after-catch ability, good break off the line of scrimmage

Cons: Inconsistent in contested pass-catching, speedy but lacks second-gear

Pro Comparison: Kendall Wright

Draft Projection: Day 3 or Undrafted Signing

Game to Watch: Buffalo v. Northern Illinois – November 4th, 2020

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